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A Student Guide to Peru

Posted: 20th January 2017 08:49

Peru is starting to gain more attention in the world of tourism as a popular alternative to more expensive trips to South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina. Prized with a plethora of attractive places to visit and a cultural heritage that pre-dates the birth of Christ, Peru has excitement to offer students in abundance.


The first port of call for tourists will be the capital city. Located on Chillon, Rimac and Lurin rivers, Lima is blessed with diverse environments and natural beauty. For student trekkers looking to find the picturesque image that captures the minds of future tourists, they need only to drive out to the desert coast. There lies the mesmerising Pacific, which contrasts wonderfully well with the coarse sandy surroundings.

Located in the centre is the more affluent part of the city where tall buildings and shopping sprees are likely to appeal credit-card flashing tourists. The Larcomar shopping mall will see to all your needs on the retail-therapy front.

Machu Picchu

Perhaps students want to continue their learning experience into the summer during their holidays and what better place to explore than Peru. An amalgamation of cultures, religions and people from various regions on our planet have helped shape Peru’s historical heritage. Some sites have been recognised by UNESCO like Machu Picchu (pictured).

One of the most intriguing places to see, Machu Picchu represents one of history’s great ancient cities epitomising the original occupants of the land the Incas through their complex architecture structures. Recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the “Lost City of the Incas,” is an amazing opportunity to visit a civilisation that was advanced for its time. The city contained temples, residencies and dry stoned walls. There’s even a trail that leads to the former capital city. If you have time it is worth visiting.

Mancora and Tumbes Resorts

Of course Peru is not exclusively based around the capital Lima. For students still in entrenched in the party life-style; incorporated with a beach resort or two will find solace in Northern Peru. Particularly hotel Las Arenas de Mancora Hotel in the popular resort of Mancora, which offers palm trees, sandy beaches and sky blue sea.  Local clubs are nearby where you can fraternise with the local populous as there is a real community feel about the resort as a whole.

There’s also Punta Sal Club Hotel in Tumbes, which is a fully inclusive beach resort with lots of amenities. For fishing aficionados the hotel gives students more of an opportunity to let their hair down on holiday.


Wanting to leave behind the staple British diet of “Fish and Chips,” you may wish to sample the local cuisine which never seizes to amaze. Known as the “land of a thousand flavours,” Peru is a cross road of food culture offering pre and post-conquest dishes.

The Centraire Restaurante located in the heart of Lima provides food catered towards the more affluent. One of the more extravagant signature dishes on the menu is charred purple corn scented octopus. It certainly sounds outrageous but offers something very unique. For those wanting to eat more Chinese and Japanese based food interspersed with Peruvian flavours, known as “Chifas,” they need not go beyond the Miraflores district, which offer hundreds of Chinese restaurants specialising in chicken, whereas the fewer Japanese eateries offer a more seafood based experience.


The vast geographical landscape of Peru and the variety of tourist destinations that the country provides really give students an array of places to visit and things to do. For those culture-vultures looking to immerse themselves in history, Machu Picchu is the place to go. Students looking to blow off steam and relax on the beach may look to the northern region of Peru on the coast where they can soak up some sea and sand on beach resorts in Tumbes or Mancora.

Finally there’s the capital Lima which is virtually a melting pot. Immersed with restaurants that specialise in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and local Peruvian cuisine, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of places to eat. Not to mention the Larcomar shopping mall, which allows tourists to buy great souvenirs to remember their trip to Peru by.

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