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Working in Uganda

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 5th October 2012 15:15

Uganda has been labelled as the “pearl of Africa” with its vibrant Ugandan culture, magnificent savannahs and incredible wildlife amongst other gems which make this country not only a great place to visit but work and live.    

When people think of Uganda they usually think of a deprived place filled with poverty and poor resources.  However Uganda’s economy is on the up along with many other developing countries in Asia and Africa.  This means there are more jobs and less competition than you would find in Western parts of the world. 

This is good news for students looking to make their first mark in the working world, so why not choose to work in Uganda. 

There are numerous opportunities available in Uganda for people who have a broad skill-set.  This will put you at an advantage as Uganda is always keen to adopt experienced workers for different industries. 

Advantages of working in Uganda

The good thing about Uganda is that it is an English speaking country where the natives are extremely friendly and hospitable; they will do their best to make you feel at home. 

Despite the tropical climate, for most of the year Uganda enjoys hot seasonal temperatures that reach an average of 26 degrees.  Uganda also offers a high rate of pay to all its workers and boasts a low cost standard of living.

Although attaining a Ugandan work permit isn’t the quickest of processes before being able to officially work in Uganda but it is definitely rewarding and not as complicated as it seems. 

In this case it’s best to do sufficient research beforehand to make sure you have everything you need prior to making an important life-changing decision like this one.  Having said this, the experience that comes with working abroad is special regardless of where you choose. 

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