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Volunteering in Africa

Posted: 10th January 2017 09:20

These are the best years of your life so make the most of them by journeying to amazing places to help protect diverse and unique communities and ultimately play a small part in building a better world.  There are some fantastic projects in Africa, available with Gap 360, African impact and GVI that take volunteering to a whole new and exciting level:

Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer - South Africa

Gaze out across natural nature wonders, from inside a sanctuary that is home to a range of animals, and feel satisfied knowing you have helped maintain beautiful creatures; working to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals in every form of South African wildlife.

Wake up to the soothing sounds of the South African nature sung over of approximately 250 bird species chirping away.  After immersing yourself in the warm blue water and golden sand at Jefferys Bay, find a hurt animal and bring them to care.  You’ll be a part of an exciting and important experience changing the lives of all the animals in the sanctuary that is specifically designed for each animal’s natural habitat.  With this project you won’t miss out on animal care in a wild African adventure. 

Tanzania Safari Experience

Explore the local communities where you will find the locals nothing but friendly, and sample the local and fresh food which will give your taste buds an explosion of flavour.  Get up close and personal with exotic and wild animals in their natural habitat and play a significant and rewarding part in making them healthier.  You will also keep some endangered animals reserved.  When you are not on a Safari or helping save rare animals, you can discover the wonderful and unique culture Tanzania has to offer.  Being home to the Olduvau Gorge, the world’s most treasured paleontological site Tanzania is filled with fascinating history.  This safari experience will leave you with unbelievable memories and the bursting desire to come back. 

Kenya & Uganda Gorilla Experience

Meeting an endangered animal in its natural habitat is a fantastic feeling like no other.  See diverse wildlife in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, you might even get to touch them and join professional trackers while travelling deep into the forests of Uganda for a fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the extremely rare mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.  This unique project will allow you to see diverse wildlife; some of which is unique to Kenya and Uganda and keep it healthy and safe.  You will be in the thick of the action by camping in the wilderness, but don’t worry you will be in a group with experts.  This fantastic and fun experience makes you feel a world apart as you encounter the colourful cultures, beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Kenya and Uganda. 

Teaching Internship in Cape Town

Join GVI’s teaching internship in the spectacular city of Cape Town and make a difference to the lives of children whilst developing teaching skills and earning qualifications.  After successfully completing the first set of training you’ll be able to assist with the running of educational programs including: childcare, sports and creative play. 

You will live in an attractive and welcoming village close to Cape Town and Stellenbosch.  Every experience will be one to remember with direct exposure to the wonderful local culture and communities.  Optional side trips are available to Robben Island, Cape Pont, Table Mountain and Cape Town wildlife safari as well as wine tasting in Stellenbosch.  It is safe to say this internship is a truly rewarding experience like no other. 

Medical Outreach and HIV Education

Embrace the glory as you save lives.  The Malawi Medical Outreach and HIV Education project makes a positive difference to those who need it.  Get to know the locals in assisting home care, support the field dressing clinic and educate local communities on during workshops on HIV, aids and malaria prevention.  Enjoying your time with the orphans is also extremely rewarding as you give them the attention they deserve but hardly get.  Enjoy free time as you will be in direct contact with the wonderful and cultural communities. 

Whichever experience you decide to go for there is no doubt you’ll leave (yes sadly it has to end) on a high with unbelievable stories, more athletic and a better knowledge.  Not to mention you would have played a vital part in making the world a more positive place.

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