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Posted: 7th January 2016 08:37

“What do you think of when you say ‘Tanzania’?  Safari?  Kilimanjaro?  The Savannah?  It’s so much more!”

Tanzania is one of the most stable and peaceful democracies in Africa, with a young, dynamic and resourceful population.  By tapping into the enthusiasm, optimism and vision of local people Raleigh are empowering communities to create a better future.  Change is on the horizon and you can be part of making that change happen.

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is both friendly and welcoming, with a strong sense of community and a long tradition of caring for each other.  During your stay you will be surrounded by interesting, hospitable and curious people.  It is also one of the places where the need for volunteers is greatest, so you know that with Raleigh your time is well spent and genuinely helpful.

Why Raleigh?

Raleigh believe that empowering the next generation of Tanzanians to shape their own destiny is the path to a better future.  Their vision is to harness the passion of local people and give them the tools and support they need to succeed.  With this long term, targeted approach you know that your hard work genuinely impacts those who need it most.

66% of the Tanzanian population is under 25 years old.

In the last decade, GDP grew by an impressive 7%.


90% of Tanzanians still live in poor, rural areas.

More than one third live on less than $1 a day.

In 2013 alone Raleigh installed 268 tippy taps.

In the same year 101,823 people benefitted from their work globally.

Raleigh have helped over 40,000 volunteers make a difference around the world.

Raleigh Expeditions

“Working together, it is possible that we can make a difference to each other’s lives” - Sylvia

Expeditions are challenging programmes that allow volunteers from all over the world to contribute towards sustainable development.  Raleigh work in partnership with local communities, NGO’s and governments to deliver support for local initiatives.  Be part of that team and inspire this incredible country to move forwards towards a secure and sustainable future.


Raleigh are looking for motivated volunteers from all over the world to empower young people and communities to create change.  If you would like to get stuck in and volunteer, develop your leadership skills and manage a team or support the logistical side of a project, there’s a role for you.


No two days are ever the same on a Raleigh Expedition.  You might find yourself raising awareness of the importance of handwashing, building an Early Childhood Development Centre, or trekking through the most beautiful and untouched areas of Tanzania.  Whatever you do, you will have an impact on people’s lives.


Their expeditions run throughout the year, so whoever you are, there’s a date to suit you.  Depending on your role, you could join an Expedition from five to 14 weeks.

Raleigh ICS

Raleigh is part of a group of organisations delivering International Citizen Service (ICS), a UK government funded development programme that brings together young people to make a difference in some of the poorest communities in the world.

They believe that by living and working alongside communities, we can create impact together.  On a Raleigh ICS programme you will get the opportunity to live with a host family, and work alongside UK and Tanzanian volunteers.  ICS volunteers can choose to help through two types of placement.


WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme aims to support rural communities by improving access to water and sanitation.  Although these changes are simple, they have a lasting impact oncommunities.  WASH placements are an incredibly immersive way to experience real Tanzania.


Work with young entrepreneurs and help them build the skills to successfully create their own businesses.  This kind of empowerment encourages local Tanzanians to become the next generation of leaders, by prompting them to create jobs and reduce poverty, and is one of the most exciting, if challenging, programmes to be involved with.


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