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Morocco's Best Beaches

By Kate Byrne

Posted: 4th June 2014 14:21

The labyrinthine medinas and the constant heckling and haggling in the major Moroccan cities can get a bit too much for many people, which is why it is fortunate that Morocco is a country with two coasts.  To the north it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west; the Atlantic Ocean.  With thousands of kilometres of coastline outlining a diversity of landscapes, Morocco boasts an assortment of unique beach destinations that span from Spain to the Sahara.  Whatever it is you desire from a beach, whether you want to catch a world class wave or simply lie down and relax as the call to prayer reverberates through the arid air, here are a few you shouldn’t miss.


One of Oualidia’s many charms is her striking tidal lagoon.  Teeming with bird life, the area is an oasis for flamingos, herons and storks, but who can blame them; with 320 days of sunshine a year and calm, safe waters, Oualidia is where Marrakesh comes to relax.  Minimal restaurants line the beachfront, but as we all know, quantity never equals quality and these restaurants are notorious for serving some of the best seafood for miles.  The tranquillity here is palpable until you step over the sand bar that separates the lagoon from the Atlantic; here, you can prepare to experience some of Morocco’s wildest waves. 


Dubbed, ‘The Windy City of Africa’, this is not the best beach for sun chasers; unless of course you fancy sandcastles in your eyeballs and a constant ocean spray cocktail in your mouth.  However if you are the sporty type, then this is a prime location for kite surfing and wind surfing.  There are many vendors offering lessons and rentals, meaning that all you have to do is turn up with a willing attitude.  Due to the nature of this breezy beach, it is relatively free from cluttered towels and loungers, meaning that the walk along the rugged coast is all the more pleasurable. 

Sidi Bouzid

Recognised as one of Morocco’s most beautiful beaches, Sidi Bouzid boasts fine sand and crystal waters.  The seaside town is annually ranked among the prestigious “Blue Flag” beaches for its high quality and admirable environmental standards.  Additionally, the beach provides an international standard point break for surfers, with its regular, fast and powerful wave being ranked among the top ten in the world.  When the wind conditions are right, the beach also becomes a haven for kite and windsurfers alike. 


Over 1000km from Morocco’s infamous commercial tourist beach resort, Agadir, it is not only distance that sets these two destinations apart.  A thriving fishing port nestled between immense sand dunes; Dakhla is one of Morocco’s best undiscovered secrets.  Dakhla is the last major settlement in the southern sector of Morocco and lies in close proximity to the Sahara Desert.  Resultantly, the location ensures an all year round water temperature of 25°C which means that all water borne activities can be enjoyed comfortably. 


This beach, on the Mediterranean coast has seen a lot of development in the past years, yet there is something about the 14 kilometre stretch of coast that withholds its traditional Moroccan charm.  Whether it’s the surrounding countryside landscape, the sparkling, turquoise waters or the scattering of eucalyptus trees that line the shore, something about Saidia presents an irresistible allure.  The beach, which sits on the Algerian-Moroccan border, has been assigned the nickname the “Blue pearl” and is one of the longest beaches in Morocco.  

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