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The Best of Africa

By Haider Ali

Posted: 7th December 2012 11:26

When people talk about travelling to Africa, most talked about is South Africa and Kenya.  But why not explore Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco and Senegal, as these countries start to gain more attention within the tourism industry.


Despite being a resourceful country, Nigeria is only now starting to reap the benefits of their tourism industry after the many impediments they have had to overcome.  For instance now you can take cable bus systems to view the scenic mountains in the Obudu and Kanyang regions.  Obudu has been established to such a degree that hotels and lodges are now accessible in the area surrounded by waterfalls, springs and caves, really making it the standout tourist destination spot in Nigeria.

But there are so many more things to do and see than just mountains if you wish.  The Yankari National Park in tandem with Wikki Warm Springs are located just off the Gagi river, southeast of Bauchi Town.  Opened in 1962, it offers an array of animals on show from crocodiles to monkeys and buffalos.   

Still not satisfied? Why not spend a weekend on Coconut Beach (pictured) west of Lagos sipping cocktails or Tarwa Bay, which is slightly more of a relaxed environment catered towards families.


Ghana is on the west coast of the African continent bordering Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo.  There are two main seasons, just wet and dry.  Northern Ghana experiences rainfalls between March to November whereas every city south of the capital has the wet season in full flight between April to mid-November.

Ghana is adorned in abundance with historical artefacts and archaeological sites.  Evidence has been found that humans resided in the country around 1500 B.C.  The land was also apart of Ashanti’s infamous empire and has gained notoriety for it as she was a fierce individual.  Museums have been made in homage to the first settlers the Dagombas and can be visited to gain an insight into their respected ways of life prior to colonialism.

It’s different to its African neighbours because Ghana has a variety of national parks, including one that stands out the Kakum National Park.  It is in actual fact a rainforest and home to the rarest of wildlife.  It also has a lovely canopy for tourists wishing to take long walks and enjoy the greenery on display.


Morocco is one of Africa’s most popular countries to travel to for tourists and here there is an array of factors behind this.  Nature is never far away when Morocco is concerned as there are Desert Mountains to grasp, valleys to see and a blue sea to have a splash in especially in a country where the weather rarely drops to below mild even in winter.

Sport enthusiasts that fancy a challenge will find a trek up the Atlas Mountains thoroughly enticing.  Perhaps adrenaline junkies will be wanting to paraglide off the mountain peak or rock-climb, weather permitting.  The Quarzazate desert is a viable substitute for those afraid of heights.  Tourists can opt for an encampment instead of going back to a hotel and experience what nature has to offer close up.

Maybe students looking to party prefer a resort, and few will rival Agadir on the west coast of Morocco.  A large contingent of western Europeans travel their between spring and summer so you will feel right at home.  There are many bars and clubs where you can enjoy an entertaining evening and dance the night away.


Senegal is the most underrated of countries in Africa that tourists visit because it doesn’t get much media coverage, though this trend has started to change since the 1990s.  They are beginning to attract tourists in their vast droves offering beaches and resorts to see.

For example unlike most other resorts that strictly cater to Europeans looking to take advantage of booze and bars, the resort town of Saly gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy the allures of fishing.  Senegal is a massive player in the worldwide fish market and enables tourists to enjoy the fishing experience, soaking up the sun in a country where the weather is consistently warm.

The capital city Dakar is prized with world heritage sites recognised by UNESCO especially Goree Island that is draped with the history of the West African slave trade.  They are all attractions that draw many tourists and is worth visiting should the opportunity arise.

Round Up

Africa is unique and natural and these four countries offer you just that with a tinge of modern infrastructure in order to make the tours slightly more bearable.  They are countries definitely worth considering for a visit.

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