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Sharks & Safaris: A South African Adventure

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 6th November 2012 14:36

Fascinating wildlife, stunning landscapes, adventurous activities, great food and wine, lovely weather, vibrant mix of people – the list can go on.  South Africa is a delightful country with so much on offer you’ll be spoilt for choice.  But don’t worry that’s where we come in, we bring you the best things to enjoy in South Africa. 

 Wildlife Safari at Kruger National Park

There’s one must-do activity that every traveller should do when they take a trip to South Africa and that’s a safari.  The Kruger National Park is the perfect place for this.  Brag to your friends about how you’ve seen the ‘big five’ – South African lion, leopard, elephant, cape buffalo and black rhino.  The wildlife is so diverse by the end of your trip you will have the seen some of the world’s most popular range of animals. 

Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and is unbelievably the same size of Israel, if not slightly bigger.  The park not only protects the local wildlife but also the cultural history of the area through museums and the preservation of historical sites. 

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of those places you have to visit at least once in your life - it is home to South Africa’s most beautiful beaches and natural scenery, the wonderful Table Mountain and remarkable Devil’s Peak amongst many other popular tourist attractions. 

Table Mountain is a famous South African landmark which overlooks the city of Cape Town.  Travel up to the mountain peak in the revolving cable cars which provides visitors with breath-taking views or if you’re feeling an adrenaline rush there are 300 hiking routes to reach the summit.  Just bear in mind the mountain is over 1000 metres high so it will take a while just be sure to wear appropriate footwear. 

Great White Shark Cage Dive

Create an unforgettable experience by cage diving with great white sharks – this activity will more likely appeal to adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies – where you can get up close and personal with these incredible underwater predators.

You don’t need any diving experience whatsoever, all you need is bags of enthusiasm to brave the shark encounters.  It truly will be a once in a lifetime opportunity so why not take the plunge, literally.

The Apartheid Museum 

South Africa has come a long way since its struggle against apartheid but that’s not to say it can forget its terrible yet inspiring history.  As soon as you step foot in the Apartheid Museum you will be transformed to the time when there was strictly a ‘whites only’ privilege through to Nelson Mandela’s prison release.   

Film documentaries, sound clips, texts and live accounts recapture the essence of life in South Africa before it revolutionised and became a democratic country.  This historical change not only shared major significance for South Africa but the entire world. 


There’s no surprise South Africa is the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ with so much to explore within such a diverse and enriching country it seems like there’s nothing you can’t do in South Africa. 

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