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Introducing Qatar

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 8th November 2012 10:27

Qatar is quickly becoming a popular place for tourists with the lavish and celebrity lifestyles it boasts.  The best bit is you can enjoy all of this, even on a small budget.

The Corniche Bay was specially paved for a safe and enjoyable walk.  Soak up other vibrant atmosphere and amazing culture of Qatar in an energising walk along the Bay.  You can even check out the modern skyscrapers in Doha.  Lots of other tourist attractions are being redesigned to make them pedestrian friendly, which is great because you can see them without paying huge amounts of money. 

Shopping in the glamorous shopping centres is a must, even if you’re not a shopaholic.  The duty-free will persuade you into getting a good bargain.  It’s worth visiting the markets as well; with the endless shops offering everything you want, the charm will certainly tempt you.  

Qatar is surrounded by water so as you can imagine there are fantastic beaches with water sports that will definitely get the adrenaline rushing through your body.  Lounge around in a deck chair on the sandy beaches and soak up the sun with the shore gently whispering in your ear; maybe even build a sand castle.  Feeling adventurous?  Get involved in a water sport.  The majority of them are cheap and you could even get a deal if there’s more than one person.  Alternatively you can purchase an inexpensive body board on the beach resort and take to the waters.  Kite-surfing is increasingly popular for travellers and with the prices of materials it’s simple to join in the fun.

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