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Five Reasons to Visit Honduras

Lizzie Williams

Posted: 10th June 2015 08:37

Honduras is infamous for its high crime rate, and sadly this means that solo travel is pretty much off the table in some parts.  The good news is that if you stick to the tourist hotspots and keep your wits about you Honduras has some wonderful things on offer.

Caribbean beaches

Warm, clear waters and glittering soft sands is what you would expect from a Caribbean beach and Honduras promises not to disappoint.  The country’s longest coastline melts into the Caribbean Sea and Honduras enjoys all the benefits that come with it; pristine beaches, a tropical climate and unrivalled, fresh seafood.

Copan Ruins

These ancient Mayan ruins will literally take your breath away.  With narrow, cobbled streets and towering structures, some of the best Mayan art and sculptures can be found in this breezy mountain town.  Enter the tunnels under the city to see where new temples had been built over the old ones.

Bay Islands

The Bay Islands are probably Honduras’ biggest tourist attraction and it isn’t difficult to see why.  With immaculate white sands and family friendly venues, Roatan is the larger of the two main islands and attracts the most tourists.  In comparison, Utila has fewer beaches and an occasional bar but is much better for exploring.

Underwater Paradise

You don’t have to be a skilled diver to enjoy this underwater paradise – snorkelling is just as good.  The underwater kingdom thrives around the coral reef that runs parallel with the coastline.  See the translucent squid, rainbow coloured shoals of fish, puffed-up blowfish and minute sea creatures streaming past the exotic underwater foliage. 

More for less

Everyone knows that holidaying in the Caribbean costs a fortune, right? Wrong.  Still relatively undeveloped for major tourism, Honduras doesn’t cost that much compared to other tourist hotspots, so this is one Caribbean holiday that you don’t need to sell your granny for – in fact you could probably afford to take her with you.

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