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Exploring The Republic Of Congo

By Mark Johnson

Posted: 11th September 2012 11:47

Delve beyond the facade and experience a country rich with wildlife, adventurous activities and vivacious culture.  Explore rural Africa at its best, be in the habitat of fascinating wildlife or relax on their stunning beaches. 


With top attractions such as the Basilique Sainte-Anne Of The Congo it is incredibly surprising to find that Brazzaville is a low key city, but that works to your advantage as you can explore the vast and diverse land in peace during the day.  Just by looking at it this phenomenal building you will understand why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in the world. 

While you are here, delve into the world of royalty with a visit to the Palace Of The Parliament where large chandeliers, marble floors and grand pillars are a regular feature in the rooms.  At night the palace illuminates with a golden glow making it look extra enchanting. 

Pointe Noire

The lively beach town of Ponite Noire has an abundance of lively bars and divine restaurants, including Cercle Naval which overlooks the scenic coastline and serves a fine selection of meat dishes.  In contrast, the long golden sandy beaches provide an excellent place for pure relaxation with clear sky and charming blue waters as a picturesque back drop. 


Loango is a place of ultimate relaxation as the friendly locals take life at leisurely pace.  Soak up the atmosphere on the gorgeous beaches and beautiful coastlines.  If you can prise yourself away from beaches, visit the Diosso Museum, built in 1952 on the sacred site of all the Royals dating from the 17th century.  Diosso is the ancient capital of the kingdom of Loango and the museum served as a Royal residence for the last king of Congo.  Given its rich history there are so many fascinating tales to uncover.

Round Up

With a culture of such vast contrast, an array of stunning scenery and exciting history, Congo will adhere to your every beck and call. 

Where To Stay: Atlantic Palace

The hotel fulfils their idea that each and every guest must be treated as Royalty.  Whether on business or pleasure, Atlantic Palace is voted to be the most to be an extremely lavish hotel.  They will make you feel like a King or Queen. 

Where To Eat:Osaka Restaurant

Let your senses indulge in exquisite Chinese food. The food is both delicious and healthy in equal measures. Most members of staff speak both English and French making it easy to communicate.

What To Do: Odzala National Park

The Odzala National Park is home to lowland gorillas, monkeys, Lions, elephants and many more to capture your heart.  With guided tours of just four people you will not miss a moment of the beautiful animals in their natural habitat.  With everything they have to offer here it is no wonder they are Congo’s most famous national park.

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