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An Introduction to Okavango Delta

Posted: 27th January 2016 09:26

The Okavango Delta might just be the best place in Africa to go on safari, home to every type of wildlife you can name spread across a massive area of some 10,000 square miles. A rare natural phenomenon, the delta is formed by a number of waterways that don’t quite have enough power to reach the sea and instead deposit billions of litres of water across the savannah. All this water pouring into the delta in the rainy season each year is what makes the Okavango a paradise for big game; there are an untold amount of waterways for them to drink from, and a mass of different habitats for them to hunt in.

Pretty much everyone you meet in the delta is there on safari or works in the industry, and as such there are a vast amount of lodges and camps to choose from. Expect to be spoilt for choice too when deciding how to see the animals, as you might do this on foot, in a land rover, by boat or even by plane. As you might imagine however, some of these can be incredibly expensive – safari hasn’t earned is reputation as a luxury pursuit for nothing. Luxury lodges too are eye wateringly expensive, but there are some ways to experience the delta on a budget. There are, if you look hard, budget campsites and walking safaris where you live like a nomad, accompanied by a guide. Our favourite way to travel however is by traditional mokoro (canoe).

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