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An Introduction to Egypt

By Mike Hawthorn

Posted: 20th September 2016 09:04

With the World now such an easily accessible place, deciding on where to go for our travels has become much more difficult. With so many wondrous and fascinating cultural adventures at our disposal the decision can become blurry and ill defined, but when you consider the undeniable, the outstanding, and the outspoken experiences of a lifetime, then Egypt has got to be at the top of your list.

The capital city of Cairo for a start is an unmissable metropolis of activity and splendour where ancient history and modern day paraphernalia are entwined. The silhouettes of Pyramids and skyscrapers represent the change in human endeavour over time as they loom, juxtaposed against the city’s skyline. Marooned by arid land, Cairo is an Oasis to 20 million and is the biggest City in Africa to boot, simply put: there is no cap to the activities and events present here.

Coffee shops pour out onto the streets, inviting locals and tourists to soak up the vibrancy of people buzzing about like flies under abhorrent heat. Museums house a wealth of ancient artefacts to quench your historic thirst. Opera houses offer refuge for fans of the art, or even for those whose curiosity has simply been piqued by its grace. With Cairo hailed as the cultural capital of the Arab World, the Cairo International Film Festival is a must see for film fans, previously seeing awards given to household names such as John Malkovich, Nicholas Cage and Morgan Freeman.

Separate yourself from the maelstrom of the city and meander through a World 4000 years gone by. Only 5 miles inland from the capital you can experience the ancient cities of Memphis, Giza, and Fustat which are near the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.

In the compound of the pyramids of Giza squint your eyes to take in The great pyramid standing tallest as the alpha, the pyramid of Khafre residing humbly beside it, and the Pyramid of Menkaure completing the Russian doll just a few hundred metres south-west. As a certified wonder of the Ancient World, the great Pyramids are a must and truly an experience that you will never forget.

For a view of the Mediterranean Sea, visit the largest city to occupy its coast - the city named after Alexander the Great - the city of Alexandria. One of the attractions in this city is undoubtedly the lighthouse of Alexandria. With a height estimated between 120 and 140 metres, it was the tallest man made structure on Earth for centuries and served as a prototype for all lighthouses. If standing in the sea breeze with your head craned skyward isn’t your idea of fun, then surely Alexandria’s Ancient Library will sweep you away. As a previous wonder of the Ancient World, it once served as one of Egypt’s most significant libraries and is definitely something that could make your trip worthwhile.

With its recurring array of Ancient World Wonders, Egypt has rightfully become a hotspot destination for travellers from across the Globe. It remains in the forefront of everyone’s mind once visited because of its cultural and historical weight, owing to the fact it has one of the longest histories of any modern state, having been inhabited since the 10th Millennium BC. So if you want to increase those World Wonder notches on your belt, and admire the magnificent capabilities of mankind’s craft, visit Egypt. Because there is more to life than decomposing on a beach in the Sun, although, needless to say, this is still an option here as well.  

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