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A Summary of Saudi Arabia

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 9th November 2012 14:24

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful and captivating Middle-Eastern country that boasts fantastic natural landscapes and attractions, rich history and culture, a scorching hot climate for most of the year on top of being home to some of the holiest Islamic pilgrimages in the world.

There’s nothing more relaxing and tranquil than the stunning Asir National Park (pictured) which stretches across the Red Sea coast and into the eastern desert.  Appreciate the spectacular natural landscape and breathtaking views of the Jabal Soodah – the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia. 

Nominated as one of the magnificent seven world wonders, the Al-Hasa is truly heaven on earth.  It has an extraordinary three million palm trees and over sixty artesian springs being home to a wide range of birds.  This natural oasis – the largest in the world – is a sanctuary for travellers who enjoy exploring the rich history of the Middle-East.

Desert excursions are extremely popular with travellers and the stunning scenery of the expansive Empty Quarter is next to none – where sand dunes stretch for miles and miles. 

There are several indoor and outdoor amusement parks in Saudi Arabia to be enjoyed, and everyone knows students love the thrill and adventure of rollercoasters.  Many of these can be found near the beaches and malls where you can relax on the attractive beach sands, take a dip in the sea or do a spot of shopping.  The Red Sea coast is a beautiful attraction in itself but what makes this spot even more attractive is the opportunity to do scuba-diving readily available here. 

It’s safe to say people don’t go to Saudi Arabia for the nightlife or other vibrant forms of entertainment as nightclubs, drinking alcohol and playing music in public are strictly forbidden.  It is a conservative and family-orientated country but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy yourself.  There are plenty of other things you can experience like smoking water pipes with flavoured tobacco which is an Arab specialty called shisha.  

Saudi Arabia is a sensational place to explore and what better time than on your student travels.   The wonderful culture and atmosphere will excite you like no other which makes this country an essential vacation destination seeped with masses of traditional character. 

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