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Your Card To Copenhagen

By Josh Hill

Posted: 6th February 2015 09:43

Copenhagen didn’t earn its title of the most cosmopolitan city in Scandinavia by chance; this is one destination that is overflowing with cultural attractions, historic oddities and a burgeoning restaurant and café scene.  But with so much to fit in, you might worry that your dwindling budget will be the only thing holding you back.  Luckily for you, those worries will prove groundless.  You just need to get your hands on a Copenhagen Card. 

Ticket to Freedom

A Copenhagen Card is quite literally your ticket to the city; offering free admission to an astonishing 75 museums and attractions across the region, car hire and restaurant discounts and free transport via bus, metro and train, you’d be mad to miss out.  Each card is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours, meaning you can spend as little or as long in the city as you desire, and all for one fixed fee.  Not only are the savings astronomical, but the card also eliminates any hassles of pre-booking or waiting in lengthy queues.  Whether you want to enjoy the dizzying thrills of the Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, the tranquil beauty of the Copenhagen canals or the wealth of museum and art galleries, the card provides ultimate freedom. 

Out and About

Transportation can be costly, but is often forgotten about until the very last minute.  With the Copenhagen Card, you won’t have to scrabble through your bag hunting for change for the bus (to the annoyance of the line of passengers behind you) or squander your cash on taxis.  Simply hop on and off all buses and metros at your leisure, and see the city through a local’s eyes.  Alternatively, enjoy up to a 20% discount on car hire and up to 25% on bike e-bike and Segway tours, to see the city’s highlights from a different perspective.

Where Can I Get One?

It could not be easier to get one of these handy little cards; simply visit the website and select how long you want your card to last for.  There are no time limits on these babies either – they are only valid from the moment you start using it, meaning the more organised among you can buy one way in advance.  Incredibly, the website offers a helpful tool that will help you work out if the Copenhagen Card is for you – just select the attractions you wish to visit and it will calculate how much money you’ll save with your purchase. 


Does the Copenhagen Card include transport to and from the airport?

Yep.  The Copenhagen Card gives you access to unlimited public transport in the Copenhagen capital region, which includes Copenhagen Airport (zone 4).

Do I need to show my Copenhagen Card to get a bus, train or metro ticket?

The Copenhagen Cardis your ticket.  Just remember to fill in the time and date on the card correctly: DD-MM-YY, otherwise it won’t be valid! (And you don’t want to get thrown off the bus, do you?)

Can I buy the Copenhagen Card at the airport?

Yes you can! There are also a number of sales points across the city, including the Visitors Centre, all major train stations and a number of hotels, in case you prefer a little spontaneity. 

Can I visit the same attraction more than once?

You can visit each attraction once every 24 hours.  So the culture hounds who purchase a 120 hour card can visit the Rosenborg Castle, for example, five times all in all if they are that way inclined. 

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