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You Must Go to Moscow!

Posted: 4th August 2014 14:35

Russia’s capital city represents a collision of Medieval Muscovy and the Soviet Union, two mighty imperial cultures which have shaped the architecture and atmosphere of the city to what it is today.  At the heart of the city lies the Kremlin, the hub of Russian political power with an intrinsic historical connection to the Orthodox Church.

This cultural, political and atmospheric contradiction leads to a city of contrasts.  From the glistening glass of the Mercury Tower (set to be the tallest tower in Europe), to the colourful rotund towers of the 14th Century St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia’s skyline is as diverse as they come. 

Moscow has a rich cultural past to draw from; think Tchaikovski, Chekov, and the internationally renowned Bolshoi Ballet.  There are a number of museums in the city with a distinct leaning towards the arts, most famously the Tretyakov Gallery or the Puchkin Museum of Fine Arts.  With 93 theatres, 132 cinemas and 24 concert halls in Moscow, performing arts are placed at the forefront of the cultural calendar.

Moscow is a sprawling and lively metropolitan city, with nightlife to match; from dingy dive bars to elite nightclubs where Russia’s finest let their hair down, Moscow is gaining a reputation.  Clubs tend to be on the pricey side – Moscow is reputedly one of the most expensive cities in the world, after all – and bouncers have a reputation for executing the imposing sounding ‘face-control’, dismissing all but the most attractive and best dressed patrons.  In such a huge and diverse city, though, there’s surely something to suit every taste and budget.

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