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Winter Wonderland - Why Lapland Is Not Just For Kids

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 12:44

Lapland is certainly not just for Christmas and certainly not just for the kids.  The vast area is the largest in Finland.  The winter wonderland is an abundance of pure snow, arctic wildernesses as well as deep forests of the Nordic spruce and not to mention the sensational Northern Lights; all just waiting for you to relish. 

Lapland hosts a range of fantastic festivals; from opera to modern music, theatre and film to sport.   Let the wonderful beats of the music festivals beat to your heart and be swayed by the moving rhythms.  Or fill your mind with wonderful thoughts in their fantastic displays in the films and theatre.  Alternatively you could get active in popular sports like football and skiing. 

The nightlife in Lapland is often underestimated.  Not only is it extremely friendly but you will experience clubs and bars like no other.  The Absolut Ice Bar in The Ice Hotel takes the statement of being cool to a whole new exciting level.  Drink out of the glasses, which are made from the very same material that holds up the hotel.  In addition to relaxing at the ice bar, you can sit down in comfortable armchairs with reindeer skins and sip your delicious drink.  The bar is often decorated with ice sculptures.  The nightlife varies so much here that there is something for everybody. 

With the location of Finland, Lapland has an incredible mix of culture inspired from its Swedish, Norwegian and Russian neighbours.  The land uniquely combines its strong culture with those around it to give you a sensational experience like no other.  In West Lapland the co-operation of Sweden has characterised the way of life in that region.  In the East, tradition blends with Russian culture.  Consequently the heritage, culture and locals are as charming as the nightlife and activities in Lapland.

There are no limits to the sporting activities in this winter wonderland.  Cruise through the silent snow covered wilderness with the wind gently whispering in your ear whilst you see stunning wild animals in their natural habitat; a rare beauty. 

Your very own sled will be powered by team of friendly dogs or reindeers.  Take a day trip around the cities in a tour or make a walk of it.  Take a hike through the pristine national parks, Lemonjoki is one of the most renowned national parks for its fantastic back-to-nature atmosphere that is purely divine.  Shoot down the rapids in a thrilling ride or have a relaxed and invigorating ride along the countless rivers and lakes.  Challenge your skiing and snowboarding skills in one of Lapland’s many fantastic resorts.  To name a few, these activities are the best and closest you can get to the wonderfully exclusive Northern experience. 

Lapland is a land like no other and with so many things to do you will not want to leave this magical winter wonderland.

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