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Winter Sports in Slovenia

By Ryan Merrifield

Posted: 2nd December 2014 15:49

As Europe’s unique meeting point for the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst, Slovenia is a country which is renowned for the close proximity of its opposites.  The collision of these four major geographical units means that Slovenia benefits from a vast diversity of landscapes.  One of these is the Alpine region of Gorenjska. 

When most people think of European winter holiday destinations, France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland immediately spring to mind and countries like Slovenia are cast in to the shadows.  However Slovenia benefits from all the beauty of the mainstream Alpine regions, boasting natural snow, pristine surroundings and well maintained slopes, but unlike in its larger, more established contemporaries, this is offered at a comparatively reduced price. 

By no means, however, do the affordable prices suggest that Slovenia is new to the field of winter sports.  The area of Planica is famous for ski jumping and built its first ski-jumping hill before 1930.  The hill was the worlds biggest at the time and it was there that the first ever jump to exceed 100 metres was achieved.

Vogel Ski Resort

In the midst of Triglav national park, with views of Lake Bohinj, the natural beauty of Vogel Ski Resort places it high on the list of Slovenia’s best winter sports resorts.  Whether you prefer snowboarding, sledging or skiing, the resort offers slopes to accommodate all experience levels. 

The natural conditions guarantee that Vogel has reliable snowy conditions, with the normal ski season lasting from December to the 1st May.  The Vogel resort spreads over 78 hectares and boasts 22,000 metres of ski runs. 

Vogel is also home to one of the best snow parks in Slovenia, having been open for several years now, the park offers a variety of obstacles and jumps which will help to improve and evolve the partaker’s skills.  Additionally, the park often plays host to a number of competitions and events and is the perfect place to maximise the winter fun. 

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is set in the picturesque Alpine Valley of Zgornjesavska, where extended winters and subzero temperatures leave the valley blanketed in snow for approximately four months of the year.  Resultantly, this resort is a hub for winter sports and has become one of the most popular locations for Alpine Skiing in Slovenia. 

Experienced skiers and beginners alike will find a place to develop their skills on the diverse slopes of Kranjska Gora and there is plenty of room for snowboarders too.  Kranjska Gora also offers tobogganing slopes for younger visitors, or for those who aren’t so confident with regards to their balancing skills.

If you tire of the slopes then why not try something new?  Kranjska Gora offers visitors the opportunity to climb up a frozen waterfall.  Lucifer is a famous frozen waterfall in Martuljek and is one of the most popular destinations for ice climbers.  For beginners it is recommended you try out the artificial walls with a guide first.  

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