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Water Sports In Fuerteventura

Posted: 7th May 2014 14:27

With long coastlines, beautiful beaches and constant year round temperatures, Fuerteventura is the ideal location for trying out some water sports. There are plenty of options for everyone from the experienced patron to the complete novice, with plenty of classes available for you to get involved with.


From week-long surf camps to beachside huts hiring boards for a couple of hours, Fuerteventura has all you need to get standing up in the waves. The most consistent surf is found on the north/northwest coast, especially during the autumn and winter months, but beginners should be aware that there can be unpredictable gusts of strong wind.


Windsurfing is the main sport of Fuerteventura, with thousands of enthusiasts returning year after year for the clear oceans and strong Atlantic winds found here. There are conditions suited to all levels; reefs on the north shore make for excellent expert sailing, and there are loads of classes available for beginners.

Sea Kayaking

Whether you want a gentle paddle around the bay or fancy taking on the challenge of kayaking out to Lobos Island, there are plenty of opportunities in Fuerteventura, and trips are often combined with the opportunity to snorkel some of the fantastic reefs as well.

Scuba Diving

Divers will find a stunning and varied underwater world in the ocean around Fuerteventura; as it is a volcanic island, there are dramatic rock formations and drop offs, volcanic columns, wrecks, and reefs. Marine life is colourful and varied, and includes sponge anemones, scorpion fish, angle sharks, rays and Laud turtles.


With shallow reefs and stunning marine life, the ocean around Fuerteventura is perfect for snorkelling. All you need is a mask and fins – the water is warm enough without a wetsuit – making snorkelling one of the cheapest and easiest water activities to get into.

Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the easiest water sports to learn, although getting your balance can be a little tricky at first! It started in Hawaii in the 1960s, enabling paddle-boarders to get out on the water when the waves are flat.

Kite Surfing

Combining windsurfing, paragliding and gymnastics, kite surfing is not a sport for the faint hearted but it’s certainly addictive. The strong summer trade winds make Fuerteventura an ideal location to take on this extreme sport.


Strapped to a parachute, attached to the back of a speedboat, and raised around 50 metres into the air, parasailing is one of the most popular water sports and is available at beach locations all over the island.

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