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The Vodka Museum

Posted: 5th February 2014 15:21

Yes, you read that right.  Moscow is home to the world’s only museum dedicated to the distillation process – and the liberal consumption – of Russia’s favourite drink.  But are you really all that surprised? The Russians have had complex laws and traditions surrounding this eye-watering elixir since the 19th Century, so to devote an entire museum to the stuff makes sense.  If you’re Russian, anyway.

The museum, originally located in St. Petersburg, is found in Izmaylovo, near the famed market.  Eager visitors (read: drinkers) are taken on a journey from the 15th Century, when Moscow became the birthplace of Russian vodka, to the sophisticated distilling processes of present day.  Interestingly, when Russia was flagging behind Europe in terms of industrial progress, it boasted the most advanced vodka-production equipment.  Talk about getting your priorities right.

The highlight of the museum is the souvenir shop (shot glasses are a must) and the restaurant; a reproduction of a 19th Century ‘tractir’ (traditional eatery) visitors can not only sample a range of delicious local meals but also indulge in a vodka tasting session.  You might want to limit your intake though; you’re never going to outdrink a Russian.  

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