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The Greek Islands: A Clubbers Haven

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 25th October 2012 10:38

Greece is the king of clubbing holidays.  If the stress of exams or pressure of university is getting to you, grab your closest friends, a suitcase full of beach clothes and fly far away to your choice of Greek island for a non-stop party.  The question is, once you’ve partied in Zante who’s stopping you from clubbing in Malia?  The way we see it they’re like the Harry Potter films; you’ve got to see them all. 

Malia, Crete

Any avid party-goer worth their salt (and tequila) knows that Malia is a clubbers heaven.  It’s the kind of holiday that has you spending hours uploading your photos to Facebook once you’re home and is the ‘Inbetweeners’ choice of clubbing destination.  So raise a shot and just like the boys shout ‘here’s to being players!’

Malia’s popular clubs include Safari Club, Apollo, Candy Club, Corkers, Banana Club, Zigzag and Lush Bar.  With each playing different types of music (cheese, RnB, dance, pop, house, chart etc), super cheap drinks flowing all night and huge slices of cheap pizza for sale at 4am Malia is the perfect island for the broke student; you take minimal spending money and flights and accommodation are always pretty cheap. 

If you don’t fancy the pool every day, the main beach that lies opposite the strip is Pleasure Beach.  Pay €10 for the week and you’ll get given a ticket that guarantees you a sun-bed and umbrella, access to the restaurants and bars, all the water sports on offer and chart tunes all day until 6pm when it starts to close.  We understand that sunning yourself by the pool or beach every day can get boring, so don’t hesitate to book you and your friends onto a booze cruise.  We know it sounds tacky but believe us its pure innocent fun (well almost).  With endless amounts of drink, BBQ food, music, sea, people and drinking games at €50 a pop they’re legendary in Crete so don’t miss out. 

To experience a proper Malia holiday you’ll need to hire yourself a quad bike to whiz around the strip.  Walking along the strip in the middle of the day just isn’t acceptable in Malia, quad bikes swarm like flies along the roads so if you can’t beat them join them!

Package holidays to Malia start from £304

Kardamena, Kos

There’s no denying that Kos is the perfect clubbing holiday.  It’s filled to the brim with clubs, restaurants and beaches to keep you going into the early hours and until you ‘Pass Out’ just like Tinie Tempah.

It’s unheard of to travel all the way to Kardamena and not party on the beach till the early hours.  Watch the sunset on the resorts busiest beach listening to festival music provided by the islands resident DJs.  Tuck into the free BBQ on offer and organise your plan of action for the night ahead.  Once you’re tipsy and dressed to impress head out to Bar Street where walking up you’ll hear everything from indie to house to urban anthems. 

One night it’s worth spending a little bit longer at the pool, getting dressed into clothes you’re not bothered about ruining (preferably fancy dress) and heading on down to the famous foam party held every Tuesday at Starlight nightclub.  Its great fun but in all seriousness take some sunglasses or goggles because your eyes will sting. 

During the day there are heaps of beaches, bars and water sports to take part in so sit back, order a mojitio and send us a postcard!

Book your Kos holiday for £304onwards. 

Laganas, Zante

Sunning yourself on Laganas beach, jet-skiing in a warm blue sea and downing shots with the bar staff in Rescue night club (pictured), welcome to a Zante holiday.  You won’t forget it in a hurry. 

Zante boasts a 300m-long strip of neon nightlife that features our top recommend clubs and bars.  Head to Cherry Bay that sits right on the beach front for a cheese-filled night out or if you belong in a crowd then Rescue offers just this, it plays RnB and house music into the early hours and can fit 2,000 people in its main room, outside bar and upstairs terrace so there’s plenty of room for you and your friends to do the ‘Gangdem style’.  We also urge you to stop by Zeros to watch the crazy bar games the staff take part in and Fishbowl for the finest cocktails, and fishbowls, naturally.  Drinks range from £2.50 for a beer to £4.50 for a bottle of wine but during September and October when the resort is out of season, the PR promoters will offer you 2 for 1 cocktails and shots for free.   

There are plenty of tasty takeaways on Laganas strip to keep the late-night munchies at bay but when you’re preparing to line your stomach for the evening’s antics ahead, visit Horizon, it rests on the beach front and remains a firm favourite.  After the friendly waiters have severed you your delicious food and free shots they entertain you with Greek dancing and successfully persuade you to join in. 

Zante’s beaches are gorgeous enough to persuade you to take some aspirin, chuck on some dark sunglasses and leave your hotel room to sweat your way through your hangover.  With jet skis, speedboats and sea turtle spotting on offer you’ll be feeling better in no time.   

Prices start from £328for flights and accommodation. 

Faliraki, Rhodes 

Faliraki is the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème; the best of the best.  When it comes to deciding what Greek clubbing holiday to pick don’t hesitate to pick Faliraki. 

A holiday to Faliraki is like a diamond in the rough.  Hidden beneath its reputation lies a wild holiday with scorching temperatures.  It becomes alive in the summer and is one of the busiest party resorts in the Mediterranean.  It’s filled with the best of the best nightlife, restaurants and beaches to keep you going into the early hours and until you ‘Pass Out’ just like Tinie Tempah.

For the best variety of music and 2 4 1 cocktails head to ‘Cactus’ bar, it’s the perfect place to start the night.  Monday nights in Faliraki are all about ‘Paparazzi’.  Throw on your best outfit and head on over to club ‘Bed’ for fireworks, DJs and cocktails.  Even whilst you queue you’ll feel like a celebrity with the famous ‘Bed’ red carpet beneath your feet.  Don’t miss ‘Matrix’ when you’re in Faliraki; it hides a chill out garden at the back and features three floors offering different music on each one, it’s the place to be any night of the week. 

Faliraki has plenty of Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants to tickle your fancy.  For a delicious steak hunt down ‘Sizzlers Steak Bar’ that dedicates itself to giving you the best steak and sauce you’ve ever tried.  And for the hungry clubber there are numerous fast food joints so why not try one every night?  With pizza, burgers, chips and kebabs, you’ll never go hungry. 

Package holidays to Faliraki start from £368 

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