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The Fascinating And Beautiful Ireland

By Ryan Merrifield

Posted: 17th March 2015 09:47

What Ireland lacks in size it more than makes up for with its history, people and picturesque landscapes. A picture postcard version of Ireland is easy to find, particularly along the west coast where the undulating green hills roll peacefully and majestically. Dotted around Ireland’s cities, towns and villages you can find pubs which offer you a cosy warmth that has been left unspoilt by the modern way of life. 

Ireland’s history is deeply fascinating, ancient relics which can be traced back to prehistoric Ireland can be found in places such as Glendalough and Clonmacnoise with more recent history being found in cities such as Dublin and Cork. This history is paired with an aesthetical beauty which is hard to match; a diverse terrain comes in the forms of lakes and ancient bogland while on the coasts some immaculate beaches are waiting to be discovered.

Head south to visit Cork, Ireland’s largest county. Cork city is renowned for its independent spirit, and packs a solid cultural punch through its compact, vibrant centre. The rural heart of Ireland is made up of Offaly and Westmeath which is full of large lakes and a farming community many ignore as they head to the coast.  What lies here is a charming insight into the real Ireland.

There’s a diversity of things to do too, if you’re a golf lover then Ireland is the country for you, with one third of the world’s seaside links courses (more than 50) ringing the coastline of Ireland - golfers are spoiled for choice. A multitude of festivals are always taking place such as Dublin Theatre Festival, Galway Arts Festival and Kilkenny Cat Laughs which are sure to keep all the culture vultures amongst you happy (not forgetting the biggest one of them all on March 17th). Ireland is resplendent with culture, history and things to do and best of all it is all nicely compact within a small island meaning you can see it all in a short space of time.  

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