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The Best Universities in France

Posted: 20th August 2018 10:30

Université Pierre et Marie Curie

As one of France’s most prestigious institutions, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (“UPMC”) is currently the largest scientific and medical complex in the country. Carrying out groundbreaking research across seven different fields, UPMC’s student can choose to study units in chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medicine, physics, life science and environmental sciences. Nestled in the heart of Paris’ vibrant Latin Quarter, the university is in close proximity to lively bistros and bars as well as many of the French capital’s revered landmarks. Outside of class, students are invited to get involved with existing associations, or even create their own.

What to Study

Although the university offers a number of degree pathways, UPMC is most commonly recognised for its excellence in medicine. With over 10,000 medical students and 723 teachers, UPMC has defined itself as the premier university teaching hospital in Europe. The university offers courses in medical studies as well as a list of additional options, including: midwifery, orthoptics, paramedic courses, psychomotricity and speech therapy. The university also specialises in complete range of adult and paediatric disciplines.

Top Attraction

UPMC’s top attraction is certainly its location. Quartier Latin – or the Latin Quarter – is the epitome of bohemian Paris. Winding streets, charming bistros and fascinating museums and galleries have seen this area become increasingly popular with students, intellectuals and artists alike.

École Normale Supérieure

Nestled at the heart of France’s romantic capital, the École Normale Supérieure (“ENS”) is fully invested in the intellectual, scientific and cultural debates of the times. Through rigorous research, innovation and creativity ENS has fostered some of the finest young minds worldwide. The university has an impressive international outlook, with a large number of foreign visitors, students, researchers and professors arriving every year. Boasting all the essential elements of university campus life, ENS promotes a well-rounded educational experience. Associations, sports groups and cultural facilities make this a perfect place to nurture lifelong connections.

What to study

As one of France’s preeminent universities, ENS offers a diverse range of programmes; however it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for humanities students. The Literature and Languages Department is dedicated to the study of comparative literature, literary theory, foreign literature and linguistics. Alternatively, the Department of History and Theory of the Arts focuses on teachings in the wider artistic field. Creative scholars can choose to study film, theatre, art history or music in one of the most culturally sophisticated cities in Europe.

Top Attraction

At ENS, the Nuit takes place once a year. This event invites the public to share in the university’s research and discoveries; allowing individuals to take part in experiments, start conversations and bear witness to art exhibitions, theatre plays and creative installations.

Université de Strasbourg

Founded in the 16th century, the Université de Strasbourg has a long standing track record of excellence in higher education. With 72 research units, the university specialises in a wealth of disciplinary fields. Working together with over 400 partner institutions in Europe, and 175 in the rest of the world, the university strives to contribute to the developing fields of social science and humanities. Students at the university also have Strasbourg’s historical city centre, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at their fingertips. Strasbourg is the country's top city for international students and has an abundance of bars, bistros museums and theatres to enjoy.

What to Study

The city of Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament and each month, members flock to the city to vote on and debate important issues. It is unsurprising, therefore, that the Université de Strasbourg is strongly involved in the development of research in the field of law, economics, management, political and social sciences. Choose from an intellectually stimulating range of courses and develop tools for analysis and understanding of contemporary issues in France and the wider world.

Top Attraction

Thanks to its Germanic roots, Strasbourg is renowned for its Christmas market. Established in 1570, the market is one of the oldest and most famous ones throughout Europe. Drawing in millions of visitors each year, students can revel in the festivities throughout the entire Christmas period.

Université de Bordeaux

Located at the heart of southern Europe, Université de Bordeaux offers a wide range of degrees across four major academic disciplines. Study in the field of life and health sciences, science and technology, social sciences, or law, political science, economy and management, and refine your skills in an innovative and ambitious environment. With over 40 distinct international study programmes, local and overseas students alike can flourish together in a vibrant and global setting. As Bordeaux is just a short distance from the ocean and major EU capitals, weekends and free time can be spent travelling and relaxing by the sea.

What to Study

Université de Bordeaux is renowned for its excellence in the field of science and technology. Research focuses on themes ranging from laser optics and information technology to materials and the environment. With close links to a multitude of partner institutions, the university can guarantee a well-rounded and progressive education for all budding scientific minds. Choose from a range of specialities, including: astrophysics, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, electronics, engineering, material sciences, mechanics, nuclear physics, optics and lasers and physics.

Top Attraction

Bordeaux is the largest wine producing region in France and the grapes produced in the city’s vineyards are celebrated worldwide. Students will have access to some of the area’s finest châteaux and if that’s not enough, Université de Bordeaux even offers some specialised courses in wine.

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