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Student Stomping Grounds

Posted: 29th June 2015 08:54

If you want to settle into Berlin student life quickly, don’t spend your time wandering around the city trying to find them.  Here are our top student watering holes teeming with like-minded souls and cheap drinks!

Salon Schmück– Kreuzberg

Frequented by vintage loving students and artsy 20-somethings, this calm café is hip but super cosy.  Packed with plush period sofas and offering free Wi-Fi, you can enjoy relaxed conversation and gorge on homemade cakes.  There is an outdoor patio, great for cocktails, and a small second-hand clothing store in the back. 

Prices from: Baguettes €3 – Soups/Salads €3.50 – Desserts €2.50 – Beer €2 – Wine €2 – Cocktails €5

Astro Bar– Friedrichshain

With its unique outer-space 1970s décor, including flashy plastic furniture, sci-fi memorabilia and retro toys, Astro is a favourite among sci-fi lovers and grungy alternative students.  There is an infectious mellow ambience, with dimmed red lights, and the DJ starts from 22:00pm playing rock, indie, disco and punk tunes. 

Prices from: Beer €2.50 – Cocktails €4.50 – Mixers €3.50 – Shots €2

Café Morgenrot– Prenzlauer Berg

If you want to get involved in social activism, you will find passionate comrades at Morgenrot.  This calm colourful café champions sharing and conversation, and displays thought-provoking photography.  There is a reading room packed with literature and the weekend brunch is not only veggie and vegan friendly but, you pay what you can afford. 

Prices from: Cake €2 – Beer €2.50 – Wine €2.80 – Cocktails €4 – Shots €2 – Coffee/Juice €1.40

Barbie Deinhoff– Kreuzberg

One of Berlin’s top LGBT establishments, Barbie attracts local artists, intellectuals and students of all persuasions looking for a raucous time and inexpensive drinks!  Open from 19:00pm to 06:00am daily, this gaudy pink den with bright neon lights is fun and outlandish with lots of eye-opening performances and DJ sets. 

Prices from: Beer €2.80 – 2-4-1 Tuesday cocktails – Sunday cocktail specials

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