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Prague: The Historical City With A Wild Nightlife

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 11th September 2014 14:32

As night falls over Prague, the city undergoes a radical transformation.  Suddenly the historical city turns into a wild party destination – and the best place to enjoy an unrivalled night out is in Old Town. 

The bars, clubs and pubs surrounding Wenceslas Square in Old Town are cheap and innovative, routinely attracting the younger, trendier locals and, of course, student travellers and backpackers.  Czech beer (apparently nicknamed ‘liquid bread’ by locals) is a culture in itself, as so the majority of Old Town’s bars and clubs are open every night – Wenceslas Square by night is definitely no longer a charming and historic destination. 

 Prague’s Red Light District, found just off Wenceslas Square, may be synonymous with debauchery, but aside from the evocative window displays it is also home to some of Old Town’s best bars.  If you’d rather not sully your innocent soul, however, there are a number of, ahem, classier establishments for you to gain a taste of the famed Prague nightlife.  The boulevard leading to the square is lined with top drinking destinations; from traditional beer halls (complete with accordion players and giant steins, of course) to sleek dance clubs that are frequented by top DJs, you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember.  Well.  Maybe not. 

Best of Old Town

Revellers and party hounds take note: with so many amazing venues on offer in Old Town, it might be difficult to know where to go first.  In the mood for some classy cocktails? Want to experience the beer hall phenomena? Or do you simply want the groom-to-be to enjoy his last night of freedom? Here’s a quick guide of some of the places you should definitely check out before you leave Prague with nothing but fuzzy memories and a dodgy tattoo. 

Best Bar: The Hemingway Bar

As creative as the famed American author himself, Hemingway’s is a seriously classy drinking venue.  The rum and tequila list alone will probably blow your mind, but make sure you keep your wits together long enough to indulge in a delicious cocktail or three.  Also a great place for music and excellent service. 

Best Club:  Roxy

Roxy is one of Prague’s oldest and best-known clubs and attracts the biggest DJs.  The music spans all genres, but they do seem to prefer drum ‘n’ bass, jungle and techno.  The dilapidated interior gives Roxy a bit of an abandoned warehouse feel, but it is this rawness that makes for such an amazing night out. 

Best Beer Hall: U Fleku

This huge, sprawling tavern might be your traditional European beer hall, but U Fleku is also a restaurant and a micro-brewery rolled into one.  For those seeking an authentic Czech drinking (and, we suppose, dining.  Like that is as important) experience, complete with local beer and live accordion entertainment, you can’t get better than this. 

Best Sports Bar: Tipgames

This is no bar for a quiet, romantic drink.  Tipgames is cheap and cheerful, and a favourite amongst the many, many stag groups that can be seen lurching around the square.  Enjoy a pint of local and international beers, watch live sport on the eight plasma TVs and try your luck at the giant roulette wheel. 

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