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Never Far From Nature In Berlin

By Josh Hill

Posted: 4th March 2015 10:28

You may be surrounded by cutting edge technology and artistic heritage, but in Berlin, you’re never too far away from nature. One of the greenest capital cities in Europe, the people of Berlin are dedicated to the cultivation of parks, public gardens and nature reserves – at the last count, there were over 2,500 public spaces within the city limits alone. To put it in simpler terms; around one fifth of the city is covered by trees, meaning you’ll have no trouble at all finding a quiet, shady spot to take a break from Berlin’s fast paced antics. Whether you’re strolling through the sun dappled Grunewald Forest, admiring the manmade waterfall in Victoriapark or meeting the animals at Teirpark (the city’s smaller zoo) it’s easy to forget that you’re in Germany’s largest and busiest city.

Berlin’s Best Parks


What Central Park is to NYC and Hyde Park is to London, Tiergarten is Berlin’s most beloved – and largest – public space. A former royal hunting ground, it offers around 14 miles of beautiful winding paths that loop past its most famed attractions, including a boating lake, the Brandenburg Gate and the haunting Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. 

Köllnischer Park

Köllnischer is a small park located near the banks of the River Spree. Its main attraction is the bear pit, home of Berlin’s official city mascots, Schnute and Maxi (what else did you expect? The city’s symbol is the bear.) These two beautiful brown bears are protected by the Bärenfreunde Berlin (Friends of the Bears in Berlin), dedicated to persevering their wellbeing. 

Britzer Garden

Welcome to one of the city’s most beautiful gardens. You’ll need a whole day to navigate Britzer’s ten hectares of lakes, themed gardens (including the famed Rose Garden) geological gardens and the Great Outdoor Laboratory, all perfectly and methodically set out. Britzer also features an animal sanctuary and, for those with tired feet, a charming park train. 

Gardens of the World

Visit Asia, experience the sights of the Orient and step back in time to the Italian Renaissance – the Gardens of the World is an incredibly beautiful project that features themed gardens from across the globe. Lose yourself in the maze, sip refreshments in the traditional Chinese teahouse and admire the flower beds that are always in bloom. 

Tempelhof Park

Until a few years back, Tempelhof was a fully functioning airport, located just outside the city centre. Now, the runways have been taken over by skateboarders and roller bladers, and groups of friends happily picnic under the radar tower. Returned to the public in 2008, Tempelhof is one of the coolest urban spaces Berlin has to offer. 


Ok, so this abandoned theme park isn’t technically a park, but it still provides a thrilling day out – and proof of how Berlin’s green spirit is slowly taking over the city. Spreepark closed in 2001, but guided tours are available most Saturdays. It’s a disconcerting experience as the rides have been reclaimed by nature – a camera is a must.  

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