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Mix Modernity and Tradition in Andalucia

Posted: 28th October 2014 15:33

Sitting at the most southerly point of Spain, Andalucía is also one of the most Spanish regions found in the country.  A region that is brimming with culture that honours a long history, this is quintessential Spain.  That is not to say it is come ancient relic stuck in the past, Andalucía also mixes together modernity while also managing to honour its tradition.                                    

The most prevalent aspect of Andalucía is the Moorish influences that are scattered all around.  The influence of the Moors’ culture reached out to the classic cities of Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Malaga and Cádiz which were recognised throughout Europe and North Africa as centres of great learning, renowned for magnificent art and architecture, and homes to eminent scientists and philosophers. 

The long stretches of Andalucía’s coast remain relatively unblemished too which makes them even more alluring.  Further inland, there are many sun-bleached white villages where life goes by at a much slower and languid pace.  The villages between Tarifa and Cádiz on the Atlantic, and those around Almería on the southeast corner of the Mediterranean offer a rustic charm as well as excellent opportunities to soak up the sun.  The latter allows warm swimming in all but the winter months; while near the more easily accessible Cádiz is fine from about June to September.  Near Cádiz, too, is Parque Nacional Coto de Doñana, Spain’s largest and most important nature reserve, which is home to a spectacular range of flora and fauna.

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