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Italian Shopping

Josie Martin

Posted: 19th March 2013 14:46

Italy is a nation of self-conscious fashionistas – it is a rare sight to a see a dishevelled Italian, so it comes as no surprise that its cities are packed with magnificent places to shop and spruce up your wardrobe.

Rarely disputed as the fashion capital of the world, Milan is the place to hit if you want the best and most recent fashions.  With a huge range of boutiques, high street stores, outlets and shopping centres, you’ll be unlikely to leave without a few new things in your suitcase! The fashion district is within the so-called “quadrilatero della moda” and of course, the main thing fashionistas come for is the designer goods.  Via Montenapoleone is one of the most well-known streets with plenty of designer shops to check out including Gucci’s flagship store, while you can find Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Prada and many other well-known Italian designers’ shops throughout the Fashion Quadrangle.  There are other streets in the Brera district with smaller boutiques full of contemporary fashion that is more budget friendly.  Jewellery is also popular here, so try to pick up a few unique and interesting pieces to take home with you.  Second-hand and vintage lovers should explore the flea markets in Porta Ticinese for bargains in clothing, furniture decorations, records and DVD’s.  Pretty much everything is sold in this market, and it rewards those who have a proper search for unique and interesting items. 

While it may not be the bustling fashion capital, Rome still has plenty of chic offerings for those looking for a bit of style.  Firstly, if you want a variety of options all in one place, hit up one of Rome’s shopping malls for plenty of high street shops and some designer options.  There’s something for everyone, so you’ll be able to find plenty to try on and most likely buy!  On the other side of the shopping scale are the second-hand markets that vary in terms of availability and whereabouts, but are reliable for picking up vintage bargains, interesting knick-knacks and eco-friendly clothing in some cases.  Finally, the more fashionable end of the spectrum is situated in three streets known for their style and for their high prices!  A mix of Fendi, Hermes, Diesel and much more, there are the highest fashions for the truly dedicated, and plenty of slightly cheaper stores for the more budget-conscious.

if you’re visiting Milan and reckon you may have a day or two spare, then it’s worth considering outlet malls in the surrounding area.  Though there may be a few options within the city of Milan, heading out to the Piedmont region’s outlet mall Serravalle Scrivia means you’ll have a beautiful drive either by car or coach ahead of you and get more of a sense of the landscape of Italy.  The scenery isn’t the only appealing thing though; Serravalle Scrivia is the largest outlet mall in Europe so regardless of your style preferences, you’ll find plenty of clothes and accessories to pick up.  With over 180 shops of designer and high street shopping musts, you can easily spend a day picking up bargains and choosing between gorgeous items.

Florence may not have the fashion-standing that Milan or Rome have, but as the birthplace of the Gucci brand, it certainly deserves a visit from fashion lovers.  For the label itself, visit the Gucci Museum where you can learn about the history and resonance that Gucci encompasses.  With plenty to see as well as a lot of their vintage designs available to buy, you may leave with more than you planned!  After a visit, your money could be a little diminished, so the next place to visit is the well-known H&M for affordable fashions and a huge variety of choices.  Spread over three floors, you’ll have to spend a good amount of time rifling through the hangers, but once you’ve completed your mission then take a break by going to the Cavalli Club.  Founded by designer Roberto Cavalli, you’ll feel right at home after your day’s activities.  Unsurprisingly, the decorations are stunning, and screens play Cavalli’s stunning designs throughout the venue for a fashion-friendly bar experience.

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