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Introduction To Ticino

Posted: 6th May 2014 10:18

The Italian language, the pizza and the architecture might make you think you are strolling through Florence but no, this is a part of Switzerland that bears no resemblance to any Swiss stereotype of yodelling tax dodgers.  This is due to its proximity to Italy, which engulfs the borders of the region.  Everything here is affirmatively un-Swiss, the climate is mild and the plants sub-tropical, the canton of Ticino is stunningly beautiful. 

What stands Ticino out is the fact it offers all kinds of escapes, from idyllic lake resorts which offer the perfect cycling holidays to the region’s capital, Bellinzona a quieter but stunning medieval fortress town in the north.  There are also picturesque villages, which are filled with mansions and palm trees are framed by grand, verdant mountains.  The copious valleys that weave themselves across the length of the northern half of the canton are occupied with cute cottages, Romanesque chapels and various hiking trek opportunities past picture postcard lakes and mountain streams. 

Head over to Ticino in February, where you will be treated to Bellinzona's February carnival, known as Rabadan.  This sees hoards of people come together and celebrate with a huge masked parade and other festivities around the Old Town that start on the Thursday before Mardi Gras and continue all weekend.

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