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Introducing Italy

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 5th November 2012 10:10

For the most stunning scenery, food and people, the Italians do it better than anyone.  Cities such as Venice, Rome, Florence and Naples are all filled with vibrant nightlife, tasty food and interesting attractions but it’s the hidden Italian culture that is begging to be explored. 

The Colosseum is a must when you’re in Rome, looking at photos online of the Italian masterpiece just doesn’t do it justice.  Built in 72 AD, it’s considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and despite its ruin still has a jaw-dropping impact on every tourist.  Even if you are not religious, a visit to the Vatican can’t go amiss.  You can access the collections through Rome and is the spiritual hub of Catholic world.  Take a peek inside the Vatican Palace and prepare to be amazed. 

Visit the unique Leaning Tower of Pisa in the city of Pisa and we highly recommend you go as it may not be here in the next 100 years!  The tower famously gets its name, after it began to tilt during its construction caused by unstable foundations.  Luckily, builders have managed to stable the building ever since but the tower sinks a rate of 1mm each year so don’t hesitate to visit and climb to the top. 

Once you get hungry, don’t fight your natural instincts, give in to the smells of pizza, pasta and ice cream that have been following you around all day.  We know they’re obvious choices but it’s just silly to visit the foods origin and not sample the delectable food where it all began.  For the best spaghetti head to Rome, Naples for the tastiest pizza and delicious toppings, and Florence for the most mouth-watering ice cream and the widest variety of flavours you’ll every find; fig, apricot, rice pudding and even trifle amongst many others. 

For those of you who can’t resist a bit of shopping on your city break, Milan is the fashion capital of Italy.  In the Quadrilatero d’Oro square, sits all the haute couture shops but for designer bargains, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele outlet stocks all out of season men’s and women’s designer brands.  For a drink and dance head to the any club in Rome.  With more than enough to go around each club or bar features chart music and a long cocktail list, just remember to dress up; you are in Italy after all! 

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