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Introducing Gothernburg

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 16th April 2014 11:41

Sometimes taken for granted when compared to its more illustrious neighbour Stockholm, Gothenburg is a city that exudes an alluring charm and grace.  Here you will find a buzzing cafe culture, world class restaurants and amazing green landscapes.  Prepare to be seduced by ornate architecture found on its tram-lined streets, the hipster hangouts of cafes hum with a bohemian while it is also home to must-sees including Scandinavia’s gigantic amusement park, Liseberg.

The easy going nature of the city is infectious; this can be seen amongst the many laid back cafes which often serve their own roasted coffee.  As well as coffee, Gothenburg has a penchant for style with many clothing and design boutiques to be found with a large number of local designers and vintage stores lining the streets. 

Old Town

Found in-between the Göta River and Roenlundkanalen is the historic old town: this is an excellent starting point for sightseeing.  As the heart of the city, the compact streets are lined with food markets, museums such as the Stadsmuseum and tucked next to the harbour, the Maritiman.  In the summer expect to see the Trädgårdsföreningen Park, on the southern edges of the old town, packed with revellers taking in the beautiful surroundings.

The old town is actually divided in two by the Stora Hamnkanalen, to the north of which is the harbour, where the fascinating shipyards make for an awe-inspiring backdrop. The streets south of the canal stretch down to Rosenlundskanalen and Stadsmuseum – which delves into the city’s industrial past.


The serene surroundings found amidst Gothenburg has obviously influence its art scene which is buoyant and vast. Galleries such as Konstmuseet is home to the city’s premier art collection with works by French impressionists such as Rubens, Von Gogh, Rembrandt and Picasso, as well as Scandinavian greats such as Bruno and    Liljefors. Other captivating art galleries include Röda Sten in a building which is now a defunct and graffiti ridden power station.

Liseberg is the most adrenaline packed location in Scandinavia, found south east of the city centre, it is Sweden’s largest theme park. With a number of mammoth rides that include the 90km/h wooden roller coaster Balder or the stomach-churning Kanonen which sees you catapulted from 0 to 75km/h in less than two seconds. For magnificent views of the stunning scenery, then head up the Liseberg Tower the only catch face a 116m free fall back down to the ground!


Food lovers rejoice, Gothenburg was appointed the Culinary Capital of Sweden in 2012 which has seen it go on and become a gastronomic hotspot in Northern Europe.  It’s location on the west coast means there are plenty of opportunities to sample some top-quality fresh fish and seafood too.  The Gothia River cuts through the second largest city in Sweden and was formerly home to a thriving shipbuilding industry which has now become a home for Gothenburg’s art community.  So where better to enjoy some fresh food than by the ocean and sampling some mouth watering local specialities.  The city is proud of its fishing heritage and the locals are serious about their shrimp, crayfish, lobster and oysters!

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