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Halloween Holiday in London

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 11th October 2012 13:04

Halloween, as always, is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish and London is no exception when it comes to celebrating this spooky annual phenomenon.  The world’s most renowned and horrifying serial killer once roamed the dark allies of London looking for his next victim, so it only feels right to experience a tour showcasing the nerve-jangling history behind the notorious figure that is Jack the Ripper.

Paying a visit to The London Dungeon, particularly during Halloween, is a must.  Here you will have the opportunity to relive the dark history of the capital through an interactive 90 minute guide.  Actors reviving well-known figures like Bloody Mary, Sweeney Todd and of course Jack the Ripper will intensify the fear-provoking ambience of reviving London’s gruesome past like the Great Plague to make it a Halloween experience to remember.  If this isn’t enough to leave you scared then the boat ride to hell or drop ride to doom amongst other terrifying rides will surely up the ante.

Highgate Cemetery, with its gothic buildings and Victorian tombstones, is as eerie as the happenings sighted there. People reportedly claimed to have seen a vampire wander the grounds so it makes for a chilling yet interesting trip and is home to notable individuals like philosopher Karl Marx and Charles Dickens’ family.

The London Horror Festival which runs from 15th October to 7th November will satisfy horror fanatics.  This film and theatre festival features performances from the likes of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, scary storytelling and puppet shows.

You may also choose to take the Halloween Ghost Walk on 31st October or check out the week long London Ghost Festival as you explore the haunted city of London.  Just be sure to get tickets in advance as they do tend to sell out fast.

The Tower of London boasts centuries of history spanning executions and imprisonments along with haunted tales of ghosts.  Famous names like Guy Fawkes and Anne Boleyn are associated with this notable place and Halloween proves a popular tourist period for visitors paying a visit to this historical heritage.

As part of the Royal College of Surgeons, the peculiar Hunterian Museum showcases old collections of anatomy.  Displaying dozens of specimen such as preserved monkey heads and spine-chilling skeletons this grotesque museum is not for people who get easily freaked out. However the combination of it being free and Halloween make it a great place to discover.   

Guy Fawkes Day, more commonly known as Bonfire Night now, follows on soon after Halloween so why not ‘Remember remember the 5th of November’ and relish in the bonfire celebrations.

Either way you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Halloween in London as there’s tonnes of things to do, so enjoy the fright-fest!

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