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Germany - Your New Favourite Country

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 8th November 2012 10:19

Think of Germany as your new favourite country, you may as well think of it because you’ll soon be saying it.  The Germans love a party so expect drinking, dancing and cultural delights for even the most timid of party animals. 

We’ve already mentioned drinking so why not start with beer tasting at a brewery?  The Germans love their beer and are proud of it and we say why not! Kolsch beer is from the city of Cologne which is where you’ll find the brewery.  When you walk round, you’ll be swapped with information about the famous beer, how it’s made and how it should be drunk and served but the best part of the brewery is that waiters and waitresses walk around all day handing out ‘samples’.  Cheers!

 Football is BIG in Germany.  They’re avid supporters and players and boy are they good! If you get a chance, visit one of the famous stadiums; ‘Signal Iduna Park’ is the biggest and ‘Olympiastadion’ that sits in Berlin is breath-taking to see.  Catch a match if you can, for an incredible atmosphere you can’t go wrong. 

Obviously a visit to Germany is incomplete without visiting Berlin and Munich.  Whatever you do, don’t forget about the Berlin Wall (pictured).  The restored stretch of the wall that remains, holds an incredible and brave history behind it so don’t deny it a visit.  Take a walk along the wall by the spree and see the East Side Gallery which is dedicated to the famous graffiti art and preserves all the paintings. 

How about you take a surfing lesson in Munich? We know it sounds crazy but trust us, it’ll be worth it.  The city may well be land-locked but this hasn’t stopped eager surfers playing on the Eisbach River to create enough waves for some serious board action.  The German surfers ignore the ‘No Surfing’ sign and instead get stuck in, so about joining them? They’re famous for being friendly so ask for a lesson and take to the river.  Surfs up! 

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