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From K To B – Travelling Between Kosice And Bratislava

Posted: 13th May 2014 11:39

Slovakia is a country brimming with history and fascinating sites, so why rush? Take the time to absorb all the great nation has to offer by doing a mini tour of the country and travelling from one region to the next.  Travel in Slovakia is relatively straightforward and does not need much pre-planning, so you can easily visit the idyllic countryside, fortified cities and traditional medieval towns over the course of one journey.  The diversity of Slovakia is best experienced when travelling between Kosice and Bratislava – two cities that should definitely make your itinerary.  Here is our guide on the best ways to travel across the country. 

There is a direct train connection between both cities and, obviously, tickets will be cheaper the further you book in advance.  It takes around five or six hours to get from one central station to another, depending on the train type (the distance between Kosice and Bratislava is 445km.) it is easy to plan your journey over the internet; simply visit the Official Slovak Rail page to search for a the connection that best suits you.  Intercity (IC) trains allow you to reserve a seat in advance and pay by card, whilst tickets for regular trains can only be brought at the station.

For those that fancy a bird’s eye view of Slovakia, it is possible to fly between the cities.  The flight lasts around 45 minutes (no time for an in-flight film) so it is the perfect option for those who are short of time.  Of course, you can also simply drive.  It’s fairly easy to hire a car and embark on a miniature European road trip, but before you set off, make sure you’re familiar with the rules of the road in Slovakia.  Like most of Europe you drive on the right in Slovakia!

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