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Experience Of A Gap Year Student In Seville

By Miško Macolić Tomičić

Posted: 7th April 2015 12:47

Living abroad and traveling is my life calling, so I decided to go for a year on my Erasmus in Spain. Before I went on this trip I had booked my student accommodation and prepared all my belongings that would be needed during my year away.

My plane landed safely in Seville, one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world. I was really tired but I couldn’t rest, so I decide to take one city tour by myself. The first thing I did (which I would always recommend) was go to the tourist office to take a map of the city. Walking around the city in the same footsteps of ancient Phoenicians, Moorish and Romans took my breath away.

The biggest attraction is the Cathedral of Seville, built half in Moorrish styles and half in gothic style. The gardens of Alcazas are located in the city centre, upon entry you truly have the feeling of such peace and tranquillity yet to be matched anywhere else. The birds were singing and the trees made such majestic shadows, it was a treat just to sit quietly and enjoy the atmosphere.

The city holds many more attractions like Mushroom, other churches, Triana market and don’t forget to visit Plaza de Espana, the  big square with the biggest park in the city Park Maria Luisa.

Living in Spain is quite different to living in other European Countries, everyone is “tranqulo” which means relaxed. I was trying to be on time to meetings with friends and even to the work meetings which are always late at least 15 minutes. I was so upset but then my friend calmly and coolly explained “Relax it is Spain.”

During the day they have “siesta” which means time for resting and almost all the shops and bars are closed. As night-time approaches so does the time for “fiesta” which means party time. Student parties are every day. It is possible to go on a party even on Sundays!

Food and drinks are affordable and can be quite cheap depending on the area. Drinking beers, “Tinto de verano” or sangria is about 1 Euro for a glass. Tapas and platas are so good and the price for tapas which is a small meal is between 2-5 Euro and platas between 5-9 Euros. Living costs again depend on which city you live in.

When you arrive in Spain it is crucially important to travel around the country and discover new cities; do the big ones like Barcelona and Madrid but don’t leave out the smaller ones like Ronda, Cordoba, Granda, and Cadiz which have just as much of a story to tell.

The weather is beautiful with only 2 months (December and January) which “cold” but the temperature never goes under 0°C. Seville is the second sunniest city in Europe (the first being Cordoba.) It almost never rains and I think people are happy because of this.

In conclusion, I have found Spain to be immensely interesting and an amazing country with lots of things to do. I would suggest that everyone go there for their year abroad. You will make long lasting friendships and have unforgettable experiences.

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