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Enjoying Winter Sun on the Cheap

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 17th October 2012 09:21

As much as we would all love to spend the winter catching rays in the Caribbean or Dubai for most of us that is a distant dream.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the winter sun on a student budget.  We’ve found the four best countries to head to when the cold nights and dark mornings get too much. 


The further south you are in Greece, the hotter it is.  With highs of 24c, Crete is perfect for catching some rays and you’ll escape the tourists as the winter is the islands quietest time.  Athens also boasts hot weather during the winter and with student discount of up to 50% using the metro, you can’t go wrong.  It’s cheap too, with flights and accommodation starting from £299.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the best place to head for sunshine in the winter.  Tenerife is notably the best island to visit with temperatures as high as 26c and with most of the clubs on the Veronica Strip in Playas des las Americas still open till the end of November, the party animal in you can let loose.  However if you prefer a quieter break, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura’s peak seasons have long passed in the winter so you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and sand dunes in peace.  Package holidays for Tenerife start from £246.00. 


Don’t let the trouble Egypt is having at the moment put you off going.  Sharm El Sheikh, the popular tourist destination is hidden away with beautiful views and luxury hotels, and it can all be done on your student budget.  With tempting temperatures like 27c in November snorkelling in the Red Sea can become a reality, not just a dream.  Topping up your tan won’t be a problem with the heat and like Greece, visiting the temples and pyramids will be virtually tourist free so you’ll escape queues.  The restaurants and shish bars are still open till late in the winter so you can enjoy every characteristic Egypt has to offer.  Flights and hotels start from £312.00. 


Portugal is an obvious choice for a winter break, particularly the Algarve.  For one of the cheapest package holidays, it’s a no brainer, prices start from £86.00 for a four star hotel.  Temperatures tend be cooler in the Algarve than other destinations with them differing between 17-20c, but it’s still ideal shorts and sunglasses weather.  There are also still plenty of open restaurants, cafes and shops to take your pick from and there are tons of tourist attractions to visit with some offering free entry for international students. 

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