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Amazing Destinations in France

Posted: 24th January 2017 08:45

France is the world’s most popular tourist destination that hosts over 82 million international tourists annually. It is known for its historic cities, lovely countryside, Loire Valley castles, cheese and wine. The climate is also pleasant, beaches on the Island of Corsica, Atlantic coast and the French Riviera have a breath-taking view and you also get to relish great winter sports in the Pyrenees and the Alps not forgetting the delicious food and wines that are celebrated globally. There are plenty of sites in France to feast your eyes and the following places are enchanting areas you just have to go see.


It was built in the 16th century and was restored after it was bombed during the Second World War. It is located in the Loire Valley and stands on top of River Cher and has passageways for boats at the bottom. It also has some very lovely gardens that are quite captivating.


Most notable for its champagne, Epernay is a small town of Reims and is also known as the capital of champagne because most top champagnes are produced in this area. The gardens are well-trimmed that gives a blissful array of green. Champaign tasting is usually done in Avenue du Champagne for it has a lot of champagne makers.


Found in Notre Dame, d’Amiens is a medieval Roman Catholic Church that is famed for its Gothic sculpture in the church. It also has a head inside that is believed to be that of John the Baptist. D’Amiens is the largest cathedral in France and its architecture is spectacular.


Nimes is a city found in southern France and it houses a collection of Roman buildings for it used to be one of the most important cities of Roman Gaul such as the well preserved Roman temple and a stunning amphitheater and that is why the city is sometimes referred to as the French Rome.


Camargue is the largest river delta in Western Europe situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone River delta. The wetland area packed with birdlife that are about 500 species with a pink flamingo and the famous small pretty white horses that roam the extensive marshlands.


The city is in the southwest area of the Island of Corsica and its nearby coast has chalk white limestone cliffs that the ocean has carved into unusual shapes. Buildings here appear to be almost hanging over the edge due to erosion. The turquoise blue with the dazzling white of the limestone cliffs are marvelous.


The Viaduct, one of France greatest engineering accomplishments, is a cable bridge that is the tallest bridge in the world at 343 meters. The bridge has four lanes that span the valley of the River Tarn in southern part of France.


They are such a heavenly site with tall white cliffs that have arches which jut out into the English Channel in the upper side of Normandy. The picturesque farming village has attracted artists including painter Claude Monet and author Guy de Maupassant. A cruise would be a memorable experience here.


The striking structure was built in the French Gothic style in the 1200s. It is crucial to the French monarchy as the country’s kings were crowned here. The cathedral hosts over 1 million visitors yearly.


It is one of the largest royal chateaux in France located 65 kilometers from central Paris. It used to be a hunting lodge since the 12th century and also where Napoleon relinquished his emperorship before he was exiled to Elba.  The palace is full of ornate buildings and interiors. The designs outside the palace that resemble the roof of a hut are awe-inspiring especially as the water below them reflects the pointed shapes.


It is known for producing some of the greatest wines in the world therefore a definite must-see place for those who love wine. The area is divided into regions and also sub-regions with the Left Bank committed to growing the cabernet sauvignon grapes and the Right Bank devoted to growing merlot grapes. Be sure to sample the exquisite white wines and dessert wines made out of these grapes while at Bourdeaux.


This is the tallest sand dune in Europe found in the Arcachon Bay area. The view is best at the summit of the dune with the Atlantic coast, a pine forest and the inlet of the bay. It keeps on growing eastwards at 4.5 meters a year. You will find a hotel and a road junction and relish a sky diving experience.


This is a masterpiece of the French Renaissance whose construction started in 1519 by King François I so that he could easily hunt in the nearby forests. The chateau has spacious 440 rooms but are too cold for an actual residence.


The Gorge du Verdon is thought to be one of the most beautiful river canyons in Europe. It is found in southeastern side of France. Its deepest part is 700 meters deep between Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte Marie which has amazing views like the green emerald River Verdon that winds its way through the canyon.


This small tidal island is situated off the coast of Normandy. At the peak of the rocky island, you will find a well preserved and gorgeous Norman Benedictine Abbey of St Michael that is surrounded by the intricate architecture and streets of the medieval town. There is also a causeway which connects the mainland with the island. Booking a ferry to France with Normandy crossings will take you there.


To complete the France trip, the Eiffel Tower is a must see for it tops the tourist attractions in France. It was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel to be the entrance for the International Exhibition of Paris. It remains the tallest building in Paris at 324 meters and has endured as the symbol of Paris. It is the perfect place to enjoy the view of the city from aboveand is therefore the most visited paid attraction worldwide.

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