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Amalfi Coast on a Budget

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 10th April 2014 10:36

When your mind conjures up images of the Amalfi Coast you may think of yachts, luxury boats and indulgent decadence.  Artists have often come here seeking inspiration and using it as a hideaway from the world.  But Italy’s most famous shoreline is not a just privilege for those whose bank accounts are as deep as the Tyrrhenian Sea that borders Amalfi, the breathtaking scenery and glamorous resorts can be enjoyed by all.  You just have to know where to look in order to make your Euros stretch that bit further!


There are a plethora of tour options available to you once you reach the Amalfi Coast, these usually take the form of coach or taxi tours and can be a bit pricey.  But, there is a much cheaper choice out there and it is more obvious than you might think.  Just take the public bus from Sorrento bus station and head towards Positano.  It is an astounding way to take in the vast beauty of the region and at only a few Euros it is also a bargain.


Celebrated for its beaches, the Amalfi Coast really comes alive during the summer months when hoards of travellers descend upon these pristine stretches of sand.  If you want to escape the crowds though head to Laurito, popular with locals it is a sensational spot that has the luxury of being relatively quiet.  The turquoise waters are an alluring site and the beach itself is easy to reach with shuttle boats leaving from Positano’s main jetty.           

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

Found only 90 minutes from the Amalfi coast, the Cilento Peninsula is a captivating maze of quiet groves and engrossing grottos have a phosphorescent glow from the cobalt blue waters that inhabit them.  Diving here is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity and it is certainly worth seeking out a transfer coach to Cilento, which also has more than a 100km of magnificent coastline that is as diverse as it is exciting.


OK, so you may not have the yacht but you can still rent a jet ski and have some fun on the azure blue waters of Amalfi.  Kitesurfing has recently taken off in the area and is very popular with lots of companies offering you the chance to rent and learn how to do it.  Windsurfing conditions are relatively good on this Italian coastline too and is a fun way to see the dramatic coastline.  For something more languid and built for exploration, canoes are for hire and are ideal for discovering those hidden coves and beaches.

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