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5-Aside-Football Tours In Europe

By Mark Johnson

Posted: 11th September 2012 10:27

You don't have to be Lionel Messi to play in Barcelona - there are plenty of 5-a-side football tours so that you and your mates can get involved too.  If you’ve missed the opportunity to go on tour with your university that doesn’t mean you and your 5-aside team have missed out on the fantastic tour experience.   There are plenty of football tour companies that offer great tours with accommodation, all tailored to you and your team.  Or you simply pick up your own equipment and plan your own tour. 

Best Places To Go To Get The Best Experience


One rule applies here “What happens on your tour stays on tour.” There’s no doubt you’ve heard the notorious reputation of Amsterdam, which will tempt and seduce you into their culture.  There are also plenty of markets, restaurants, canals, museums and galleries to keep you on the straight and narrow if you like.

The Amsterdam Fives is arguably the most sociable tournament you can ever imagine.  The event gives you everything you could want from a football tournament and more.  Test your football skills in a great game against people from other countries then reward yourself in the incredible nightlife that is like no other. 


Of course one of the best places for a football tour is in Spain; the home to winning team of the 2010 World Cup and 2012 UEFA Euros.  Barcelona is like a class of its own with its friendly people mixed with great bars and clubs, not to mention a passionate sporting atmosphere.  You can visit the Nou Camp and get the adrenaline pumping through your body as you watch a game. 

The Barcelona Fives is one of the most popular 5-a-side tournaments in Europe with teams mainly from the United Kingdom and Spain.  It is the ultimate tournament if you’re looking for some fun in the sun, in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.   


With the local’s great passion for sports and wonderful culture, Malta is a brilliant destination to come on a 5-aside-football tour.  Stay in the heart of Malta, Saint Julian’s town.  The fantastic location is famous for its round-the-clock nightlife and superbly unique atmosphere.  You will be in comfortable hotels with pools and en-suite rooms; you won’t be far from the beach, town centre, bars and clubs on the main strip. 


There are plenty of other European cities for you to play 5-aside-football in whilst enjoying their superb lifestyle and culture.  If you’re feeling more competitive why not join a tournament and put your skills to the test in a friendly game, with great people in a fantastic atmosphere? On tour you can be as wild as you like and play football until your heart’s content so make sure you get insured.  Accidents do happen and they can happen at the strangest of times like when you’re about to score a goal or travelling back to your accommodation after a night out.  After all there are better ways you would want to spend your time and money, if something did go wrong without insurance.

A football tour offers an opportunity for everyone to enjoy their time away to the max, with or without spending time on the pitch.   With summer just around the corner, now is a brilliant time to book. 

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