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Why Study at an American University Outside the US?

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Posted: 14th October 2015 08:57

Like many nations, the US higher education system operates universities not only within its own boarders, but all over the world. Therefore, you could undertake an American degree or postgraduate qualification without ever treading foot on US soil. This may, at first, seem a bizarre choice but, there are many advantages for deciding to study at an American university outside the US.

Quality of Education  

Attending an American accredited university is a mark of quality and a guarantee of superlative teaching standards. Most importantly, your education is likely to be organised according to the Liberal Arts ethos. As a result, you will have the freedom of choice to study a variety of disciplines through your minors and majors. With an American accredited university, you will be able freely explore your academic interests and thus broaden your mind and horizons.  

Excellent Student Funding

The US has a long tradition of excellent scholarships and financial aid programmes. This has been replicated at its overseas in institutions. Many students at an American accredited university are eligible for financial support which can sometimes result in no tuition fees at all! Generally, applicants are judged on their academic merit and English language abilities in accordance to which country they originate from. Furthermore, there are opportunities for talented sports people to receive funding. 

Passport to a Global Career

An American education is a gateway to a global career. Your qualifications will be accepted in both your home nation and in America; therefore, you will also be competing on the same footing as native Americans. As a result, your opportunities for work will expand and increase, including major internship and training programmes. Moreover, as you will have graduated from an English speaking institution, your skills will be recognised by millions across the world. 

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