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Venezuela: A Natural Paradise

By James Drakeford

Posted: 13th October 2014 15:36

Despite the breathtaking mountains, rivers and beaches, Venezuela is one of the most under visited and underappreciated places you’ve never been to.  Of all its delights, the most distinctive feature of Venezuela is arguably the diverse landscape and natural beauty.  With the warm ocean of the Carribean coastline, wetlands brimming with exotic wildlife and waterfalls crashing from majestic mountains to deep canyons, it’s hard to believe Venezuela is not a travelling hot spot.  This country calls for an extensive trip or several return visits as it truly has so much to discover and its beauty seems to go on and on; the Venezuelan rivers alone reach numbers of a thousand, and its major water fall, Angel Falls, which falls into Devils Canyon, is the highest waterfall drop in the world, falling a staggering 979 metres.  Venezuela also includes extensive savanna terrain and tropical jungle both of which are home to vast numbers of animals.  Additionally the snow-capped mountains, extensive in number and covering large proportions of land, provide another dimension to the country without equals. 

Welcome to the Jungle

Forests cover nearly two fifths of Venezuela, but it is the tropical jungle environment which adds something new to Venezuela.  The forest is home to a whole host of different vegetation, including delicate tree ferns and fragrant orchids.  Equally if wildlife is your thing, there are many animals living in the jungles, from the anaconda, the largest snake in the world, to the more friendly-looking sloths and various types of monkeys.  Bird-watching safaris are available and include some of the most beautiful tropical birds in the world.  Hikes exploring the jungle are available for travellers, the true beauty of this landscape is the fact that it is untouched, and unexplored so you feel like you’re discovering it for the first time.  Tours of this landscape may include staying in traditional, yet comfortable lodges, hiking through jungle, up rocks and discovering streams and visit Indian villages. 

Picture-perfect Caribbean Beaches

Venezuelan beaches, in brief, offer a Caribbean experience with more variety.  Whilst the Carribean destinations seem to have crowded beaches, Venezuelan beaches vary from the secret and secluded to family orientated or even windsurfers’ paradise.  The beaches are generally boast soft, white sand, and clear and warm turquoise waters typically with a tropical backdrop.  Equally getting to the beaches in Venezuela is a challenge, via precarious mountain paths or sometimes only reachable by boat or even aeroplane.  One such example is Choroni Beach, officially named Playa Grande, it is one of the most popular beaches in Venezuela but getting there means following an uneven mountain path.  Despite the challenge to get there, the views along the way are amazing, and the beach itself is beautiful, and its nearby town is a vacation favourite.  Equally the beaches on Margarita Island, although often quite busy, is an ideal location for both sunbathing and windsurfing. 

Action & Adventure

If you’d rather be climbing mountains than just admiring them from the ground, Venezuela is an ideal destination for all enthusiasts of everything action and adventure.  Activities can range from hiking to snorkelling and from paragliding to canoe trips.  Various companies offer specific expeditions, tours and experiences.  Some of the best include climbing to the top of mount Auyantepui or the stunning flat top mount Roraima. As well as climbing up, you can scramble, abseil or jump down; generally known as canyoning or cayoneering, you could explore the seemingly bottomless canyons of Venezuela.  Although it is generally considered a challenging sport, so not for the faint hearted or clumsy footed (but fear not – you will be harnessed up).  Other enthralling activities Venezuela has to offer include in the intricate maze of Venezuelan caves , boat trips and cruises along the network of rivers or scuba diving to discover the tropical fish life in and around the coral reef of Venezuela.

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