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Top Attractions in Córdoba

By Paul Stephen Gettings

Posted: 22nd September 2014 11:46

As you are undertaking your studies in Córdoba, there will be plenty of opportunities to discover some of the city’s most astonishing attractions.  Here is our selection of five essential sites that simply cannot be missed during your stay.

Cathedral of Córdoba

The Cathedral of Córdoba is a spectacular Roman Catholic Church that is the city’s central place of worship.  It holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously used church in all of Argentina.  Construction began on the church in 1577 but it was almost 200 years before the building was fully complete.  The cathedral is based on the central Plaza San Martin of Córdoba, making it an easy place to appreciate from a distance whilst exploring the city.  But travellers must be sure to venture inside to view the lavish murals and decorations that make this such an unforgettable attraction.

Jesuit Block

The Jesuits are an order of the Catholic Church who founded the city of Córdoba in the year 1613.  The Jesuit Block is a group of buildings that were built as a place of study, worship and community for missionaries and the indigenous people of the region.  The block was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 due to the vital role it played in the development of Córdoba and Argentina as a whole.  Before leaving Argentina for the Vatican, Pope Francis lived at the Jesuit Block and served as a confessor and spiritual director to Córdoba’s Jesuit community.

Mar Chiquita Lake

When the Jesuit missionaries discovered the vast Mar Chiquita Lake, they thought that it must be part of the Atlantic Ocean.  This is not just because of its huge size, however, but also due to its incredibly high salt content.  As it turns out, this lake that can be found a short distance away from Córdoba city is even saltier than the sea, giving the water a sufficiently high density to allow swimmers to float.  This picturesque natural wonder is also home to a huge range of biodiversity and smooth, long beaches, making it a perfect relaxing escape.

Los Gigantes

A perfect destination for those who enjoy a more challenging excursion, Los Gigantes is a mountain range that can be found to the west of the city of Córdoba that provides for numerous amazing trekking opportunities.  The serene lakes, spectacular waterfalls and awesome peaks of this range make each trekking outing a feast for the eyes, and the staggering panoramic views of the surrounding foothills of the Sierras Chicas and the Punilla Valley below are one of the most superb sights the province has to offer. 

Sarmiento Park

Córdoba’s largest public park, Sarmiento Park is a pleasant respite from some of the more urbanised areas of this Argentinian city.  Located to the north of the National University of Córdoba's colonial campus, the park covers 43 acres of the city with lush green spaces, serene lakes and joyful rose gardens.  A number of attractions are also based on the grounds of Sarmiento Park, including the Córdoba Zoo, the Evita Perón Museum of Art and the Emilio Caraffa Museum of Fine Art.

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