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Thrilling Toronto

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 9th November 2012 14:19

The city is renowned for giving us Drake and Justin Bieber so if you want to thank them personally; visit the trendy city where you’ll meet giant pandas, enjoy a tasty meal and stand on a glass floor 2,000 ft above the ground. 

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is home to over 5,000 animals, from komodo dragons to snow leopards to grizzly bears.  The zoo features four different rides, exhibits, gift shops and holds ‘meet the keeper’ talking and feeding sessions daily with those keepers who care for animals such as African penguins, giraffes and orang-utans (amongst many others).  A ‘Tundra Trek’ is also available to those interested in the effects global warming is having on animals who are due to become extinct in the near future; customers can see polar bears, snowy owls and reindeers.  With the zoo awaiting the arrival of giant pandas early next year, you won’t want to miss a visit to Toronto Zoo. 

CN Tower

It is the 5th tallest free-standing structure in the world so we highly recommend a visit to CN Tower, even if you just take a picture; crane your neck now.  Almost 2,000 ft, the tower that is ultimately a TV and radio platform, can be seen from any point in the city.  Once you’re high above the ground, if you’re brave enough stand on the glass floor at the top of the tower inhale the breathtaking view beyond you.  For those of you who are hardcore enough experience a hands free Edge Walk, and push your limits to the test.  Once it all gets too much, enjoy a relaxing meal in the bistro floors below.

Hot Chocolate & Ballet

The city is home to Canada’s largest ballet troupe; the National Ballet of Canada so you know it’s going to feature some of the best pointy toes you’ve ever seen.  From Alice in Wonderland, the Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet ballets, there’s something for everyone.  But don’t forget about the hot chocolate! Canada is famous for its mouth watering hot chocolates and Toronto is no exception.  Our favourite place to head for a pick-me-up is Bobbette & Belle.  They make their signature hot chocolate with full-fat milk and home-made marshmallows that are blowtorched and float lightly atop your warm hot chocolate. 

A vibrant and exhilarating city, Toronto symbolises everything great about Canada.  Don’t hesitate to book a break to the thrilling Toronto - it’ll be your best holiday yet.

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