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The Hipster City of Toronto

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 5th September 2014 13:13

Toronto has often been described as “a cleaner version of New York City”, whether that is patronising or not, it highlights the high esteem this Canadian city is held in.  Walking around Toronto you can’t help but be swept up by the cool factor that this city exudes.  Whether it is trendy bars, cafes or nightclubs this is a hipster hangout.

Multiculturalism goes a long way to explaining Toronto’s hipness, over 50% of its residents weren’t born in Canada and have all contributed to a diverse city that has art fairs, a thriving food scene and three Chinatowns!

Queen Street West is Toronto’s coolest area, hands down.  This two kilometre strip has been overtaken by creative types armed with trench coats and big beards to make this the city’s art and design district.  There are over 300 galleries dotted amongst hipstery cafes and bars.  Make sure to stop off at Graffiti Alley, a side street off Queen Street West, this is the only place in Toronto were graffiti is legal, an amateur banksy paradise!

For those who love a tipple, head to the Distillery District, where amongst art galleries and restaurants you will find beer gardens.  This street just looks cool too with red brick lined roads, reminiscent of Victorian times - admire them with a traditional Canadian beer. 

No self respecting hipster city is complete without some excellent places to get a bite to eat.  Diverse and trendy is an appropriate way to describe the culinary delights of Toronto.  So expect vegan restaurants, niche coffee shops and quirky cake stalls! There is even an invite only restaurant, called Charlie’s Burgers, those burgers must be good.  The prize to most random eatery in town however, goes to Cheesewerks, with a menu solely based around grilled cheese. 

So, it’s time to score some cool points and head to Toronto, a city that is self assured and proudly wears its arty heart on its trendy sleeve. 

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