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The Great America Road Trip

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 10:22

The great American road trip is a dream for any traveller.  Inclusive of all destinations less travelled as well as tried-and true, pave the way through the country's finest landscapes from beautiful coasts of the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky mountain ranges to the picturesque state of California-and beyond.  They call it the great American road trip because you cannot help falling in love with everything America has to offer, it is all sensational.  Pick up an American muscle car, put the pedal to the metal, cruise along the open road in the peaceful countryside landscapes and through fantastic states; each with their own charming personality.  Roll down the window and gaze upon the great land of America with your favourite providing the perfect soundtrack. 

The Pacific Coast

Cruise along a coastline that looks like it has been hand crafted by god whilst being world famous states.  From the plush green forests of western Washington DC to the stunning beaches in Southern California, this route adventurous, open and outstandingly beautiful.  The Pacific Coast is a journey where you can have the scenery all to yourself.   

Starting in the northwest at Olympic National Park; most of the Pacific Coast route offers scenic views of the ocean.  Participate in a spot of fishing in the communities of Washington.  Afterwards, cross the Columbia River and follow the peaceful coastline south as you pass through wonderfully diverse societies.  Along the journey you will pass through the great Redwood Forests that offer nothing less than nature’s purest beauty.  Here the tallest and most majestic living creatures line the Avenue of the Giants.  Whilst your here be sure to visit the golden age of car-borne tourists: drive through a wilderness of mesmerising trees, see rare and fascinating sights of houses carved out of trees and much more sights and activities for you to indulge in. 

As you venture further south you will see that paradise does exist; with friendly locals, stupendous views of the Pacific coastline and a tasteful atmosphere.  The coastline is protected from development within the national, state and local parks.  The protected areas are a habitat for rare creatures such as mountain lions, condors and gray whales-these boast of superb sights of pure beauty.   

With so much to do and see along the Pacific Coast you can throw yourself into numerous activities and relax on the sun-blessed beaches.  The Pacific Coast will simply captivate you like no other destination. 

The Longest Road

Stretching right along the land many call “The best” this route is an odyssey from the North Pacific Ocean to the shining North Atlantic Ocean.  Venture through a dozen different states as well as four state capitals plus Washington DC.  No other route can offer you some of the nation’s most magnificent landscapes; the Sierra Nevada, Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, the timeless farmlands of the Great Plains, and the vast deserts of Utah and Nevada. 

From its start at San Francisco, the route cuts across California’s midsection, passing the state capital at Sacramento before following the route of the Old Pony Express to the shores of Lake Tahoe and into Nevada.  Throughout this experience of a lifetime, get to know the friendly locals who are all too eager to share enthralling stories with you.  For the Nevada portion of the route, soak up the peaceful atmosphere as you cruise through the mountain vistas, floral sagebrushes with a clear sky, along the open and remote road with the tranquil solitude only to be broken the sound of your engine. 

Feel the diverse range of cultures and heritages as you head from west to east, fill your imagination with the fascinating history from the cutting-edge high tech contemporary Silicon Valley, across the Wild West frontier of the mid-1880s before arriving at the Atlantic Ocean where you will be close to the oldest and preserved colonial-era landscapes in America.  The Longest Road route has it all and much more.   

The Oregon Trail

Get the best of both worlds with longest route in America, the Oregon Trail.  Free yourself on the wide open spaces of the West to the lively East.  Superlative attractions include at least two wonders of the world, New York’s Niagara Falls and Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park.  The great cities of Boston and Chicago offer a culture as intriguing as their history.  Midway across the country you can visit two notable monuments, Mount Rushmore and Carhenge.  As you travel further, eat your heart out in their restaurants and road-stops that offer nothing less than deliciousness.  See America’s history for yourself in their museums and fall in love with their idyllic towns.

Amazingly the route still remains fairly unexplored by non-Americans.  This is a wonderful advantage as you get to be in the centre of natural and excellent American culture, see its history and taste the future.  Everything along the Oregon Trail will captivate you. 

Southern Pacific

Venture through lands of cultural diversity and psychically rewarding landscapes.  Start your journey in the lively city of San Diego, within a few hours arrive in the uniquely beautiful southwest deserts, which create a picturesque landscape in the sunset.  No other route can offer plains of New Mexico and Texas with such clear and wonderful views of both lands.  Cruise to the East and explore the notorious culture and friendly locals in a fine selection of states including the famous Mississippi, Los Angeles and California.

Meet a friendly range of people and prevailing customs along the vista rich route; all highlighted by a range of lingos, accents and fantastic lifestyles just waiting for you to get involved in.  Indulge yourself in a sensational range of foods that lend a new meaning to the word ‘Authentic’.  It is not difficult to discover a culinary cuisine here. 

They say that everything is better when the sun is shining and if that is the case then you are in for fantastic treat.  With views and fun lifestyles that are second to nine in America, the Southern Pacific route will leave you in ore.

Atlantic Coast

Following the Atlantic Coast route will open your eyes to a whole new world.  From wildly differing beach resorts and pristine lengths of coastal city and wilderness, be in the heart of diverse American cultures and see the great Atlantic Ocean in ways like never before.  Pass through quirky seaside towns or take part in a spot of fishing in countless traditional fishing villages.  These parts of the route have gloriously unchanged much since the day the first explorers first laid eyes on them centuries ago.  The venture starts at the world famous Statue of Liberty pacing through exceptional states of Atlantic City, Virginia and the capital Washington DC then reaching the sun-kissed state of Florida. 

In between the beautiful beaches are the grand Victorian charms of Cape May to the funky attractions of Ocean City in Maryland.  South Carolina boasts boardwalks full of thrilling rides as well as fascinating museums.  Not to forget the glitzy casino resorts in Atlantic City.

This route will bring you many fantastic sights.  Plus it is a real attraction for travelling, stopping off for an array of delicious food cuisines on hundreds of their roadside stops and restaurants, as well as watching the shrimp boats pull up on the stunning docks and unload their day’s catch, or simply going off the track a bit and chatting to the friendly locals.

America is a land of excitement just waiting to be travelled by you.  With such embracing diversity, heritage, culture and a positive future, no wonder each one of these opportunities is labelled as the great American road trip.

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