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Study at the University of São Paulo

By James Drakeford

Posted: 8th July 2014 14:28

Based in the heart of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, the University of São Paulo is the South American country’s most prestigious university, and one of the most well-regarded educational institutions in the world.  With a total of 11 campuses dotted around the state, undertaking studies here allows a student to experience the huge urban area it encompasses and get a feel of the unique and diverse way of life enjoyed in the largest city of the Southern Hemisphere.

Naturally, the University attracts top students from all over Brazil, Central America and the World, and offers a wide curriculum of 229 major undergraduate courses to its students.  As a vibrant and colourful city, São Paulo is a great place for a student to throw themselves in during downtime from their studies.  São Paulo is also an excellent place to graduate in, being the home of many leading industries not just in Brazil but in South America in general.  As the importance of strong industry links is a growing factor for graduate prospects, this makes studying at São Paulo University an exciting opportunity for domestic and international applicants alike. 

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