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Spring Break

By Mark Johnson

Posted: 11th September 2012 11:10

Take fresher’s week, add every clubbing holiday destination across Europe from Ayia Napa to Magaluf and times that experience by ten and you’ll probably have something that resembles Spring Break.  The annual festival, taking place in the United States each Easter, is a chance for students and party-goers alike to let their hair down and have fun.

History of Spring Break                               

Since the 1800s American college students have been celebrating the fact that they’re on a break from college and welcome in the warm weather of spring, opposed to some of the cold weather back in their home.  The most popular location was Faut Lauderdale where the beautiful seaside was a paradise for students.  Spring Break didn’t really start getting the renowned worldwide reputation it currently has until the 1960s, thanks to the invention of new technology such as stereos and cars.  This allowed college students from all over the country to get themselves to party locations, especially beaches, and let their hair down. 

What Makes Spring Break Special

Be a part of the festival that is one of the very few with such a unique story and vibe.  The fact that it happens in many locations makes it easy for people to join in the festivities and you can choose one that suits you.  Not only this, you can meet amazing new people and get involved in activities that you wouldn’t normally, or have the opportunity to, do.  Spring Break offers cheap and cheerful thrills with like-minded people in world-famous locations. 

Getting In And Getting out

Tour operators provide travel packages specially Spring Break, which will fix your travel there and back as well as accommodation.  With plenty available, it’s guaranteed you’ll find one to suit you.  They offer a variety of locations to meet your taste as well as your budget.  Every tour operator specialises in student travel so they’ll have everything you want wrapped up in a fantastic package; from local travel destinations to hotels filled with like-minded students.  Check out the packages section as well as various party destinations here

You’ll be pleased to know that flight companies often reduce prices around the time of spring break but this doesn’t mean their quality goes down with the prices.  Aim to catch a flight that will get you to your destination in morning so you can easily get to your hotel and make the most of your day.  After all, you want to spend your money and time on having a fantastic time.  Have a look at Student City for good rates.   

Spring Break lasts for one week and takes place from February to the middle of April.  Although Spring Break happens all over America, some of the best locations are Cancun, New Orleans, Daytona Beach and Lake Havasu. 

Cancoon has a reputation of being the best place for Spring Break simply because it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sun and world famous nightlife.  Cancun is also the perfect starting point to release your inner adventurer as you explore tropical reefs, jungles and archaeological sites of the old Mayan world.  From the moment you get into Cancun’s Spring Break you’ll be welcomed with tasty drinks in warm and vibrant atmosphere.  Take a cruise on the party boat to Isla Mujeres for the wildest night of your holiday.  You can also enjoy the delicious food and the entertaining shows before you dance the night away with fantastic music. 

If you’re looking for an alternative from the beach then New Orleans is the place to be.  They have everything you want for a memorable, adventurous and exciting time you'll never forget! Party until the early hours of the morning with a fantastic range of live music in their many bars and clubs.  Quench your thirst and eat some delicious food for a cheap price.  See the amazing sights of their culture, heritage and art. 

Activities each year on Daytona Beach, Florida, include about a half a dozen concerts located at the Bandshell or at local bars.  On the other hand you can indulge in daytime activities like giveaways and contests by corporate sponsors.  There are also scheduled Spring Break parties at several of the nightclubs.  You will want to get a "Gold Party Card", to get entry to the parties, along with express entry to the sensational Aqua Lounge, Razzles, Ocean Deck and the Oyster Pub. 

You can grab a Lake Havasu boat rental at Windsor Beach Rentals.  The Lake Havasu City, which is connected by a bridge to the Island, is also a popular place for party-goers with its buzzing vibe.  With the electric atmosphere party-goers bring to the lake, the unusual destination, adrenaline pumping water sports and everything else Spring Break boasts, it’s no wonder Spring Break in Lake Havasu, Arizona has been voted the best in the West.

Round Up

Bring back a camera filled with awesome memories, make new friends and get involved with fun activities.  The Spring Break experience is one you can throw yourself into, come out and want to do it over and over again.

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