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Live The Beaver Falls Experience

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 10:59

If you’re a fan of the hit Channel 4 sitcom then why wait until next year’s escapades when you can get yourself over to the United States this coming summer and live the Beaver Falls experience yourself.  We have taken a look at all the characters from the show to give you an insight as to how you can go about making the most of your travel experience.

Flyn – Teacher

Teach anything from drama to science whilst enjoying being the centre of attention, like Flyn.  Camps all over America offer this brilliant feeling.  Due to the academic year, many of the teaching jobs are seasonal.  Whilst some camps require qualifications others do not, either way you will still have a fantastic and rewarding experience.  Companies like American Camp Association will help you find the perfect teaching job in a camp that is suited to you . 

A-Rab – Sports Coach

Throw yourself into an exciting experience and come out with much more knowledge and satisfaction like A-Rab.  Being a Sports coach is much more than just teaching; it’s a fun and rewarding way to get you and others fit and broaden talent.  Sport is a hugely popular industry in America and you don’t have to be typically British to teach ‘Soccer’ well.  So if you’re going into a brilliant experience then do it with a camp that offers the best training, money and experiences, US Sports Institute.

Kimberley – Lifeguard

Wake up, enjoy a hearty breakfast then head out by the water where you get to lounge around in the warm sun.  Spend the day on the deck or soaking up the beach shore.  Occasionally be a hero and save somebody from the sea (you can run in the Baywatch style if you like) then take all the glory of saving a life and get a buzz off the adrenaline.  There are lots of opportunities for you to experience this rewarding lifestyle as a lifeguard in camps across America, just check out American Camp AssociationAlthough you need to be qualified to be a lifeguard, the courses are often short and combine challenges with fun.

Rachael – Guidance Counsellor

Ever fancied your-self as an agony aunt, like Rachel? Stop thinking and live it.  Being away from home can be a tough time for anybody, but you can help young people embrace the American camp dream to its full potential as a camp counsellor.  Be the key link between campers as well as their parents, whilst developing yours and their skills in an effective manner that suits you. 

Hope – Chef

You don’t have to scour away at dirty dishes for hours on end.  Being a camp chef can be really exciting.  Even if you don’t think you have the skills, there’s training available.  Put those artistic skills into good use as you pre-pare delicious dishes.  During your spare time, be a part of the fun daily activities, socialise with your friends or take a relaxing walk around the camp.   You will even pickup some useful skills and knowledge when you leave (yes, unfortunately it has to come to an end), but you can always come back.    

Round Up

Whether you are a flying lone-ranger, going with a group of friends or even the extreme case of Rachael and Mac where you find yourself at camp for your honeymoon – the USA Summer Camp experience can and will be the time of your life.  It’s not just a job in America it’s an experience and a really rewarding one too.  Figure out what job you want to do and find out what camps offer them.  Don’t forget to pick somewhere you would like to explore because then you have another way to utilise your free time. 

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