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Introducing Montevideo

By Nicole Samkange

Posted: 10th November 2014 15:46

The capital and home to over half of Uruguay’s population is the unique city of Montevideo.  From vibrant shopping malls and modern beach parties to the traditional architecture of its skyscrapers and buildings, it is full of exciting contrasts and the unexpected.  For football fans, you may know Montevideo as the location of the first ever FIFA World Cup.  Filled with music, theatre and art lovers, the exhibitions and tango bars are endless, ensuring that visitors are always admiring and tapping their toes.

Bringing culture and heritage to the now, this trendy place is thriving with multiple fascinating attractions.  Featuring Montevideo’s most important historical monuments is the magnificent Plaza Independencia.  From an aerial view, its unique layout is spectacular to the say the least.  Separated into four blocks of greenery with an expansive walkway in the middle, it truly is something to behold.  Lined with tropical palm trees, the stunning location is also home to the Artigas Mausoleum.

The father of Uruguay Jose Artigas is known as the hero who fought relentlessly for the freedom of his country.  This museum contains his remains as well as many important historical artefacts.  The museum itself is impeccably designed, with dim lighting, stone wall fixtures and bright spotlights to exhibit the pieces.  With the famous monument in his honour at the centre of the Plaza, a journey into Uruguay’s proud history starts here. 

Featuring unique orchestral displays and the air automatically filled with angelic voices, performance has another meaning in the Solis Theatre.  The oldest of its kind in Uruguay, the bright lights and red interior is traditional yet glamorous.  Projecting the true essence of elegance and sophistication, tourists can either have a behind the scenes tour or hit the tiers for a show stopping production.  Whilst witnessing its exceptional beauty, be prepared for the sudden need to take to the decadent stage yourself!

Montevideo is a fantastic destination to visit all year round.  There is around 35 inches of rain annually and the rain season does not exist!  The coldest month is June and usually lasts until August.  For the best of the glorious sunshine, try to visit in January when the weather is at its best. 

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