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Five Reasons to Visit Chicago

Posted: 8th May 2017 09:29

Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is a must-visit destination. As the third-most populous city in the United States there is plenty to do and see, and in 2015 it was one of the top visited cities in the USA.

Deep-Dish Pizza Delights

Chicago is famous for its deep-dish pizza, though some may say it looks more like a pie than a pizza. This treasured regional food staple is not for the faint hearted but you can hardly say you went to Chicago and didn’t try one, right? Baked in a deep round pan full to the brim with cheese and your chosen ‘toppings’, finished off with a thick layer of tomato sauce on top, the deep-dish pizza is an impressive sight.

In Chicago restaurants boasting of their deep-dish delights can be found everywhere but a few stand out from the crowd. Giordano’s is famed for its stuffed pizza as they add their own special twist by doubling up on the crust with a layer of cheese between the two. What’s more, Giordano’s deep-dish masterpieces are approximately 40% bigger than other deep-dish pizzas on offer.

Family-owned and operated Lou Malnati's Pizzeria uses hand-selected ingredients and fresh mozzarella cheese from the same small dairy that has supplied the pizzeria for more than 40 years. Other well-known restaurants are The Original Gino's East of Chicago and Pizzeria Uno.

Amazing Architecture

Chicago’s skyline is impressive, both day and night. Amongst the many skyscrapers you can find the Wrigley Building, Willis Tower and Trump International Hotel & Tower. There are numerous ways to see Chicago’s architectural beauty – by foot, by boat on the Chicago River or by air with a helicopter tour.

One of the best ways to view the city’s skyline is with panoramic views from 103 stories up. By visiting either the Ledge at Skydeck Chicago or the 94th floor at the new TILT at 360° CHICAGO (formerly John Hancock Observatory), visitors get spectacular views of the city. Both are similarly priced and offer similar views so it is personal preference which you choose to do, or you could always do both.

Numerous Museums and Art Galleries

Chicago boasts 60 museums and 90 art galleries. The Art Institute of Chicago was voted “Number One Museum in the World" in the 2014 TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards, and draws in countless visitors with its more than 30,000 works.

Chicago’s Museum Campus on the lakefront offers yet more impressive attractions. The Field Museum holds Sue, the largest and most complete T-Rex. The Museum of Science and Industry is the biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. There’s also the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium.

Shops Shop Shops

Heard of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue? Perhaps you know it as The Magnificent Mile. The 13-block stretch is home to 3 indoor malls and 50 flagship stores. These include high-end designer brands (Burberry, Coach, Louis Vuitton), major retail chains (Banana Republic, Disney Store, Nike) and department stores (Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom). There are so many shops you can easily get lost. But on the other hand you can always find a bargain.

Millennium Park and the Cloud Gate

The Cloud gate is the iconic image of Chicago that everyone recognises. Inspired by liquid mercury the sculpture is among the largest of its kind in the world, measuring 66-feet long by 33-feet high. Forged of seamless highly polished stainless steel plates, it reflects Chicago’s famous skyline and the clouds above.

Visitors are invited to engage with the sculpture via a 12-foot-high arch or "gate" which leads to the concave chamber beneath the sculpture. Visitors can touch its mirror-like surface and see their image reflected back at them from a variety of perspectives. It’s a perfect spot for picture taking – it’s like it was made with the selfie craze in mind.

About Emily Young

Emily is a keen traveller whose adventures include studying abroad in Canada and travelling North America and Spain. She enjoys language learning and always tries to learn some basic phrases when she visits new places. The destinations at the top of her wish-list are New Zealand, Dubrovnik, New Orleans and Japan. She has plans to continue on her journey to discover new and exciting parts of the world that she is yet to explore.

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