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Cruise Ship Opportunities in the Caribbean

Posted: 12th August 2014 12:52

Looking to travel the world and be paid for it at the same time? A great way to do so is by working onboard a cruise ship. What better opportunity than to leave the troubles and stress of an ordinary, mundane 9-5 job back home than attaining a rewarding and enjoyable cruise ship career. When your job and your itinerary has the potential to take you all over the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic and into the Caribbean, the exposure you have to a variety of different countries only broadens your horizons and allows you to view of the beauty of the world.  If you’re going to work and earn valuable life skills in an average Joe job back home, why not see the world in the process.

What Type of Work is Available?
While the tacky cruise ship entertainer may instantly spring to mind, you’d be wrong to assume that is all cruise ships have to offer. With around 1500 staff abroad a cruise ship at any one time, a cruise ship career offers more than a job, but satisfaction in a variety of manners; the chance to meet an array of new, and different people, at the same time as learning or developing existing skills. From childcare opportunities, medical jobs, IT, retail, casino, and deck and engine jobs, cruise ships aren’t short of career opportunities or job roles. Though professional experience and degree level entries are an obvious requirement for Nurses or Engineers, there are plenty of other job titles more suited to someone without said qualifications, readily awaiting your interest. A list of all jobs, and job descriptions available can be found on the All Cruise Jobs website.

Why the Caribbean?
While there isn’t much more that can improve the palm-tree strip of white-sanded paradise, the prospect of being paid to cruise past it is one of the most highly recommended experiences a person could do. With over 700 islands to explore, Caribbean cruises are amongst the most popular cruise options to embark upon. Not only does the Caribbean offer you the warmest, tropical sunshine but, is one of the most sought after destinations in the world because of its breathtaking scenery, gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and that’s excluding all the wonderful things each individual country has to offer. The process by which one obtains a job onboard a cruise ship couldn’t be easier. With a large majority of cruise ship networks set up in place and working towards offering the best recruitment vacancies so easily and readily available mean more and more people are favouring the idea of setting sail to begin a career. For top-tips on how to go about finding the best suited job for you, or even how you go about applying for a job aboard a Caribbean cruise ship, can be found at Cruise Ship Network.

Countries to visit during a Caribbean Cruise

Barbados is known as ‘Little England’ thanks to their love for the finer English things; tea and cricket. Like many Caribbean islands, the glorious beaches are a definitive highlight, but its intriguing British colonial past allows you to see the left over hardship and memories of a country through the tale of Barbados’ slave workers, and because of that Barbados offers tourists the chance to bear witness to some of the original sugar plantations which have been renovated as museums.

Dominican Republic
Enriched by astounding coastline of beaches, nature, architecture, and stunning mountain scenery, this diverse Caribbean island is a must-see. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, the Eastern National Park is just one of the Dominican Republic’s hot spots for seeing some of this beautiful country’s prime habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals, including the some 112 species of birds. The reserve is also a fine opportunity to experience snorkelling or diving, or simply relax on the park’s remote beaches.

Infused with immense pride, stunning landscapes and a richly, unique culture, Jamaica is definitely an outstandingly memorable destination to visit. Whilst it is home to many great hot spots and attractions, one of Jamaica’s greatest national treasures is the world famous Dunns River Falls near the Ocho River. One of the most popular activities is climbing up the 600 foot waterfall and hanging out in one of the several lagoons or pools along the way.

St. Lucia
Encompassed by verdant rainforests and a skyline subject to the dramatic twin peaks of Les Pitons are enough to grant St Lucia the epitome of being a Caribbean paradise. With waters playing home to over 40 species of whale and dolphins, why not invest your time in swimming with these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.  The most common sightings generally tend to be the Spinner and Stripped Dolphins; however, you may get lucky and catch a glimpse of a Humpback or Sperm Whale.

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